Commander of the Northern Fleet

The pink-haired, boyish goody goody of the family. She is also one of the best among the elders, perhaps the best at feats of arms, although many would argue Juri and Drake are superior to her at leading armies. Utena served both Gendo and Tylor as bodyguard and judicial champion for many years. She then resigned the post to Prince Ramon, and became commander of Amber's new Air Fleet, in which capacity she's been known to work closely with Wakaba and Beowulf in airship design. She also has trained Princess Kanna in bodyguarding, and has been seen many times playing basketball with Kanna, her son Ota, and Jacqueline (usually against Jacqueline's will). She's known to dote on her grand daughter and to be very protective of her.

Utena seems to have become friendly with Touga, since his return from exile, and is known to have gone on several missions into shadow with him. Utena is on very good terms with Thoric and Mutsumi, though the whole horde of Jacquis and multiple spouses issue seems to make her a little uncomfortable. She also seems to enjoy the company of Motoko, though they don't interact much, and has become fairly friendly with Prince Ramon. She's known to carry a Morgenstern manifestation, from which boogie music sometimes plays, and is also on good terms with Princess Naru. She and Sumire feud for no clear reason, and she has been known to berate Kentaro when he's on one of his more arrogant kicks. She and Wakaba remain very close. For a time, she was believed to be Prince Shizumaru's mother, and is known to be fond of him, his wife, and his daughter, Akari. Utena is no fan of Bust Rimururu.

During the Herald Crisis, Utena, along with most of the rest of the Tenjous, was imprisoned by the Gaunt Man and had to be rescued. There's also rumors she was seen running around CAFAM in a chainmail bikini with Moriya, Davros, and Motoko (while the other three were all wearing pointy hats...). She then vanished into Shadow on a long sabotage mission with Wakaba against Hel's forces, resulting in the destruction of Hel's Amber via Logrus Squid.

After the Crisis, Utena accepted command of the Northern Fleet after Kozue's resignation, and handed over the Air Fleet to Eowyn. Utena and Eowyn have become quite friendly, in fact. She seems very fond of Random, though sometimes frustrated with her, and seems to have great affection for Princess Makoto and for Minako. As she was with Ota Major, she often seems exasperated with Ota Minor. She tries to get along with Asuka and often succeeds. She and Kaname have had several fights over the issue of House Helgram, as she looks upon Kaname's friendly dealings with that house as a huge mistake. She spars regularly with Kuonji, who she is on very good terms with. She also spars regularly with Setsuna, and tries to convince him to stop worrying about the Cone People. She has a high regard for both Haru and Aburatsubo.

She also is the current guardian of Justice, though she will likely yield it up to whoever turns out to be the next Child of Metal.

Notable Deeds:

Utena and Wakaba are both known to be very sad about Telemain's death. Utena and Wakaba are currently heading into Shadow with Akari. They don't seem too choked up over Kanako's misfortunes.


Current Descendents