Nowhere near as dark as Embra, but still pretty dark all the same, this Flawed Shadow of Amber is extremely heavy on the gothicness. Its entire royal family are Vampires of one sort or another, and Vamber itself is covered in twilight. Due to the impressive efforts of Akari, Nanami Minor, Random and others, the majority of the Vamberites have been freed from hostile control by "Mark" (lord of the Werewolves and ally of the Bride of Darkness), gaining potent potential allies in the process.

The breakdown of the Vamberite analogues are as follows:

With the saving of Vamber and the extreme smackdownage of Mark, the Vamberites are now free to worry about the usual concerns a family of Vampires would have. And if not, they can always give Vampiric counseling to Tohru, Random, and Juri, who have not been unaffected by all that transpired... IN UBERWALD.