House Vanir

Vikings of Chaos


Lord Vanir

Died in the Logruswrack
Eric the Red was a very brave warrior, but not very cunning or able to control his temper. He knew this, and kept his wife and his advisors close to rein him in when he was about to be foolish.

House Aptitudes

House Vanir are noted explorers and sea raiders, combining trade and piracy. They are also skillful warriors and quite good at mining and metallurgy. They possess a substantial set of tre-stone mines, which keeps the house quite prosperous.

Following the Wrack, Fenris Wolf broke loose and went on a rampage through Aesirways and Vanirways, killing many of the survivors and causing great destruction. At around the same time, the giants came down to attack. Vanir might have been nearly wiped out if Lord Cox had not gone to Azalyn for help and gotten the aid of Tomos, Chloe, and Moonshade, who rechained Fenris and slapped down the giants via hydrodynamics. As things are, they are still fairly mauled.

House Geography

An ocean riddled with large islands, one of which holds their palace and a Rainbow Bridge to Aesirways. It can only be entered by ocean travel. One of the larger islands holds their main stronghold, near the mouth of a very long fjiord.

Notable Vanir and Residents of Vanirways

Crazy Old Man Cox

Crazy Old Man Cox is the the primal dirty old man. He has vast amounts of power, which he uses to make a pain of himself, peeping on people, encouraging youths to lose their virginity, drumming up business for his favorite whores, and watching porn shadows. In his spare time, he brews his own beer and makes furniture (both very well), and collects antique Sidar furniture. He is a noted Trump Master, using his skills to peep on people. Of great value to the house on the rare occassions he can be gotten to take anything seriously besides beer, furniture, and sex. And talking dirty.

Cox has recently been very friendly with many Amberites, particularly Tomos and Chloe. Possibly this is gratitude for saving Vanir from Fenris and the giants. Or possibly it is because it lets him hang around many hot women.


Son of Eric and now Jarl of Vanir, married to Vestia of House Olympus. Pressing for an alliance with House Olympus. He is a very skillful shapeshifter, which served him well in the Wrack.


Daughter of Eric. Supports closer relations with the crown. She is a warrior of great skill and strength.


Died in the Logruswrack
Wife of Eric the Red. She was a skilled diplomat, who spent much of her time calming the waters her husband stirred up.


Second Son. He is known to believe Vanir is too subservient to House Aesir, and has called for a more independent course.

Allies and Subordinate Houses