Onion Princess and Mistress of Revels

It's hard to think of Wakaba as a princess of Amber. Her hair is an ordinary brown, pulled back into an elaborate hairstyle that probably takes her an hour each morning to put up. She dresses fashionably, and worries more about her love life than power or politics. Still, she is one of your aunts and a noted sorceress. She and Utena are very closely allied. Even after centuries, she's still the baby of the family, at least to her siblings. Wakaba acted for several decades as bodyguard and judicial champion for Queen Yuriko Star.

After being captured with Yuriko in Kashfa during the Annadil Crisis, Wakaba was rescued by Prince Ota, and remained largely in seclusion, probably from embarrassment, for a time. (In part also due to her discovery of her pregnancy) In the aftermath of the crisis, she seems to have become quite friendly with Prince Touga, who to the amazement of many people, takes her advice very seriously. She also seems to be on quite good terms with Mutsumi, Naru, and Thoric, and very kind to Shinobu Minor. She doesn't seem to like Sumire much, though she attends Sumire's parties.

Wakaba is very kind to her niece, Jacqueline, and is on fairly good terms with both of her children, Beowulf and Kentaro, though she's known to favor Beowulf because he doesn't have Kentaro's arrogance. Her relationship with Rinaldo is strained; they're known to both be still quite fond of each other, but he's married, and she is now sensible enough not to intervene (It remains unclear as to the circumstances of their fling, although it's assumed to be consensual, despite her captivity of the time, given she's never called him a rapist and acted to protect Kashfa from Amber's wrath after the Annadil Crisis. Queen Coral is known to HATE her).

Wakaba had to be rescued during the Herald Crisis with the rest of the Tenjous. She caused some surprise when she attended the Marching dinner and ball with Duke Dalt as her escort. She joined Utena in a mission to sabotage Hel's Ember, and fought at the Day of Darkness, where she was set on fire and nearly died.

Wakaba has since taken up the job of Mistress of the Revels of Amber.

Unlike many members of the family, Wakaba is on very good terms with Kuonji, despite Kuonji's dislike of her son, Beowulf. Wakaba dotes on Setsuna to a degree which embarrasses him (and has spawned some mild speculation of her being his mother). She's known to have come to approve of Lily, and dotes on her grandson, Telemain. She has sometimes been seen with Orien on social occassions. She seems to like Random, Shiori, and really, most of the new generation. She was seen kissing Munchausen after a party some years ago, and it's thought they may have been lovers for a while.

Utena and Wakaba are both known to be very sad about Telemain's death. Utena and Wakaba are currently heading into Shadow with Akari. They don't seem too choked up over Kanako's misfortunes.


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