Werewindle, The Day Blade

Drake claims to have made Werewindle after hanging from Yig. This claim has gained more credence in recent years than once it had, given Drake's successful quest to re-forge Greyswandir after it was destroyed; it is theorized that the original Werewindle was destroyed when Ember was devastated in 462, and that Drake in fact made the -second- Werewindle.

Werewindle is a golden blade with red tracery along it, depicting a portion of the Pattern. It is known to have the power to sense magic, and believed to have some degree of ability to cast spells, though not so potent as a true Spikard. It is attuned to the element of Fire.

Drake briefly lost Werewindle to Annadil, but it returned to him after Annadil's death, though shortly thereafter, Drake ended up a captive of Jean Malraux, the Cyberpope, for the forty years between the Annadil and Herald Crises. Since his rescue, he has retained control of it.