House Wotan

House of Holy Warriors of the Serpent


Like most of the houses of New Chaos, House Wotan formed from the ashes of the survivors of the Hel War. Most of its members were former members of Houses Aesir, Vanir, and Helgram, united by one of several people of mysterious origin who appeared shortly after the Hel War (Malcolm, Lord Wotan, appears to have been one of the allies of Rose, Keeper of the Logrus, who came with her to New Chaos from wherever she came from.).

Malcolm led his armies on a crusade into shadow, and slew a huge dragon, which he then had reshaped to become Wotan Hall, the great feasting hall and headquarters of House Wotan.

Lord Wotan


"So the castle decides to resist. Malcolm wades in, bellowing "I KICK ASS FOR THE SERPENT!" and swinging Frostbrand, cuts the gates open, and vanishes inside. Two hours later the castle explodes, and he comes strolling out of the inferno. Thousands dead, corpses everywhere, burning wreckage for miles. Let me tell you, I'm never going on a picnic with him again."

- Shadowsong

Malcolm is a HUGE, booming, hellfire-and-dalmations priest of the Serpent. He is seldom happier than when chopping things to bits, and lacks Balin's sense of restraint.

He is hugely strong and a potent fighter. He has some skill with the Logrus, but is no great master of it.

Lord Malcom is now missing with most of his house, having joined Rose's High Crusade.

House Aptitudes

House Wotan are the paladins of the Serpent, who spend most of their time going forth and chopping evil into very small bits.

House Geography

Notable Wotanites and Residents of Wotanways


"Her sword? Friend, it's her cooking you need to fear."

- Auriverdin

A warrior nun, Grizzelda is a simple but solid person. She alternates between kindness and bloodthirstiness, but tends to display the former to friends and the latter to enemies.

Grizzelda is noted as a repected fighter, able to break the weapons or arms of her opponents with a single mighty stroke. She has only fairly miserable Logrus skills.

Grizzelda commands the services of the potent artifact, the Golden Warrior. It is rumored to be able to destroy entire shadows at her command.

Allies and Subordinate Houses