Yomiko, THE PAPER!!!!!!

"Oooh, a first edition Faust! Can I touch it?"


"The woman's long tan trenchcoat hung open loosely, revealing a light brown vest over a white blouse and red tie. A dark grey skirt ran down to her feet, hiding her legs, and dark rimmed glasses slightly obscured shy dark blue eyes. She smiled nervously, and held a full spread of slips of paper in her right hand, while her left hand reached into a belt pouch for more. A suitcase on wheels sat propped against the wall behind her, and to the left of her was a table on which sat many books: 'The Five Riceballs', 'Faust', 'On the Meaning of Reality and Illusion', 'Bedpirates of the Caribbean', 'De Pokemon Mysteris', and 'A Brief History of Amber'. The books drew her gaze to them, like a predator gazing on prey."


She is born in 1339 AY, twin to Violet. At the age of 3, she began reading without ever having to be taught. At the age of 5, her parents found her in the library one night, making the books dance. Travis, Yumi, Franich, Beowulf, and Lily were all involved in her education, but she was a quiet, shy, frail child, who largely stuck to the library. She attended Ohtori (1353-7), then attended Panopticon (1357-61). In 1365 AY, Yumi sends Yomiko to live with Motoko and her spouses for a time, to learn about the Chaosian side of her heritage. Yomiko spends a lot of time with Mitsune and Moonshade, working out and overcoming her childhood frailty, and with Motoko and Davros, delving into Chaosian lore. She and Davros have many late night discussions of books. She also becomes very friendly with Kanako and Nanbara.

1366 AY: Lord Loewen discovers Yomiko's fear of dogs, and attempts to 'cure' it. The end result is that Yomiko goes from running away from dogs to tending to create twin paper blades and hacking to death any dogs she encounters. There is also a notable rise in Yomiko's swordfighting skills. She also begins training with Kodachi in wood and plant magics.

During Shiori's stay in Chaos in the 1370s-80s, Yomiko becomes rather a Shiori fan.

1380 AY: The Quartet and Kanko come down to breakfast one morning, and find Yomiko shows up in a halter top and a skirt that barely goes down past her butt (though she still has her glasses). Everyone seems rather non-plussed. For several weeks, she runs amok, engaging in a wide range of completely non-characteristic behaviors, from drinking to wild flirtation to bar brawls. Many wonder if she perhaps walked the Logrus (considered unlikely, as she has all the shapeshifting skills of a rock). After three weeks of this, Miroku walked into the embassy, home for a visit, and found her mostly naked on a couch with one of the embassy guards. Some sort of long talk between the two of them ensued, and afterwards, Miroku asserts she'd snapped after reading several of his works of Kundali 'theology' all in one night. Whatever the real cause, she now returns to her normal behavior patterns. Miroku locks all his special manuals in the embassy vault.

Yomiko returns to Amber in 1400 AY. She and Naru now become good friends and train together.

She is very shaken up by Kanako's disappearance in 1415, and goes to the Keep of the Five Worlds, where she trains with Kafuin in Wood Powers.

She then adventured in Arcadia for a while, and helped save House Helgram in 1424, after which she headed into shadow with her sister.

1427 AY: Violet returns from Shadow, and is assigned to the staff at the Amberite Embassy in Chaos. Yomiko is appointed a Captain Special Agent of the Crown, joining that rather small, elite group, under the code name 'The Paper'. Violet is also appointed a Captain Special Agent of the Crown, under the code name 'Shadowdancer'.

1430 AY: Yomiko reads Setsuna's history and compliments him on it.

Personality and Aptitudes

Shy and quiet much of the time, she becomes very outgoing when discussing literature. She loves books dearly, more than people sometimes, and loves to read. Yomiko is clearly a romantic, but too shy to pursue men.

She's developed a bit more taste for adventure since Kanako left; for a long time, she often seemed little more than Kanako's shadow, tagging along after her like a puppy and doing whatever Kanako suggested. She's become a Captain Special Agent of the Crown and seems quite proud of it.

Yomiko hates dogs, and will eventually berserk if in the presence of one for very long. She's VERY good at killing them. She becomes a little spastic in the presence of Lord Loewen as well. Yomiko is known to have become very fanatically anti-Outsider since her days in Chaos, and bears a certain disturbing resemblance to Loewen when fighting their servants. She has delved into the lore of the Elder Gods with Naru, and is rumored to have gone to Kadath shortly after Kanako's disappearance.

Yomiko is a sorceror and elementalist of puissant skill. She has delved into the deep mysteries of wood, and Kafuin has admitted she knows more about the subject than he does. Her mind is unsurpassed in her generation. Her skill at tactics comes entirely from reading military history and having arguments with Sousuke about it, although she is a little better than the Amberite on the street. Her sword skills, derived from training under Moonshade, Naru, and Lord Loewen, however, are quite great, and she is, to the surprise of many, one of the premiere swordspersons of her generation, able to fight Setsuna, Asuka, or Random to a standstill, though Ota Minor, Sousuke, and Tomos are clearly superior. She is not weak or flimsy any more, but neither are her strength or endurance very impressive.

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Notable Items

A briefcase full of paper is her constant companion.

Recent Developments

Of late, Yomiko is in the doghouse, due to her concealing various crucial information at the behest of Princess Kanako. Many suspect she's likely to have her Special Agent status suspended, and many won't be surprised if Yumi grounds her for a few decades too.