Yuki, 'Prince'of Souma

"I have never liked changes; strange, I know, for a Chaosian. But she never lets me rest in my certainties."


"He stood on the Embassy steps, clad in his usual well-cut black jacket, white shirt, and black pants, offset by his pale skin and short, neatly combed blue-black hair. His smile was gentle, his eyes dark and full of sadness which belied the smile. His stance combined confidence and furtiveness, but he was graceful as well. He was noble, but not one in the fullness of strength, if one looked carefully. Oddly, a knocked out orange cat lay at his feet."


Born in 1363, Yuki is the son of Martos and Miria of House Souma. His father died in a primal Chaos disaster when he was five, and his mother withered away. This left him in the hands of his uncle, Akito, the head of the house, who raised him to age 14.

At age 14, Yuki was fostered in House Helgram, where he studied under Anji, who introduced him to the martial arts. Under Anji's tutelage, he grew in strength and skill. At the age of 21, he walked the Logrus, and vanished into Shadow for years, studying under various masters of shadow.

In 1404, Yuki returned from Shadow, and spent a decade training in House Suroth under Nilota and Xaemyl. He then returned to House Souma in 1414. In 1420, he was sent to Amber, assigned to help bodyguard the new Ambassador, Shigure. He has served in Amber ever since.

Personality and Aptitudes

Yuki is a strange mixture of outgoingness and shyness. He seeks out others, then keeps his distance. It is hard to get to know him well, but he is always polite and kind to everyone.

Yuki loves to garden and grow things, and also enjoys listening to music and reading a good book.

He is one of the premier martial artists of this generation, though he isn't as strong or endurant as the other three. He's a shifter of some skill, and is known to have strengthened his basic forms through intense study with masters of House Suroth. He is also a Logrus Adept.

Like all the cursed Soumas, he turns into an animal, in his case, a mouse, when hugged or shocked or tired and weak.

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Notable Items

Yuki carries twin magical blades which also transform into soft silk gloves (but continue to do magically enhanced damage if he hits someone with them).

In-Game Developments

Like the other Soumas, he is rather twitchy about this Wind Dragon, which apparently helped curse his family...

Yuki assisted in the recent defeat of Saruman. He has since lost a duel with Kyou, much to his surprise.

Yuki has since gone to the Castle in the Sky with Nanami Minor, lived a very long life as an eventual Prince of Amber, and been publically revealed to be Minor's lover and proud of it.

He still denies being Miki or a child thereof.

Released from his duties for now by Random, he has gone to stay with Nanami a while.