Yurika, Trump Puncher



"Trailing her long blue hair streaked with purple behind her, she spun on one foot to aim a kick at the viewer; strangely, she wore socks but no boots, and the socks were carefully knit to resemble a field of flame. Knit gloves covered her hands as well, one showing a darkened cave, the other a deep ocean. She wore a loose blue shirt over a black leotard and green tights which clung to her figure. Confidently, she smiled at the viewer, even as she aimed a kick; perhaps it was just friendly sparring after all."


Yurika is the daughter of Avalon-Juri, Kozue, Madoka, and Miki in a post-rescue Miki orgy which happened during the Annadil Crisis in 1292 AY. Kozue became pregnant and hid Yurika in shadow, leaving her with a happy version of that group that settled down together as lovers. Yurika was raised in that Amber until 1354 AY.

Yurika's parents began training her in music and trump from an early age. Yurika attended the shadow of Ohtori linked to that Amber from 1304 to 1310, graduating with poor grades as she spent her time creating art and goofing off instead of attending to her classwork. She did recieve some commendation for her artistic skills.

On graduating, Yurika then attended the Amber Naval Academy at Kozue-Mom's insistence, but hated it. She stuck it from 1310 to 1314, then did a six year stint in the Navy, which she ended as soon as she could. Yurika then walked the Pattern of the Flawed Amber she grew up in, then ran off into shadow for a decade, exploring and improving her trump skills and spending a lot of time running about being somewhat dissolute.

This lasted until the Herald Crisis in 1332 AY. Yurika pulled herself together in her Amber's version of it, punching out many Herald-candidates and providing trump support to her various cousins. Afterwards, she became Master of the Revels of Amber for a time (1332 to 1340), then attended the Amber Diplomatic Corps' school (1340-1344), after which she became involved off and on in diplomacy for her Amber.

In 1354, she was found by Random and Kozue and brought back to Amber. She walked its Pattern and spent some time getting to know her family. She and Random became good friends (and on and off lovers, some say).

1356-61 AY: When Random enters Amber's Navy, Yurika signs up with her, and serves under her (perhaps in more ways than one). She seems to do reasonably well this time, though she leaves as soon as Random does.

When Random left for Arcadia for the Blue Turban Wars, Yurika seemed to lose focus and spent a year generally bumming around. Her parents decided it was time for her to further her education and shipped her off to Panopticon.

1362-1367 AY: Yurika attends Panopticon. After a troubled first year, she gets her act together and ends up as an Engineering student, graduating respectably. She becomes friendly with Yomiko, who is also attending.

1367-1382 AY: Yurika goes to Akasha, Trantor, and other high-tech shadows, studying various forms of advanced engineering and working out how to use trump in conjunction with such things. During this period, Yurika also assists Miroku and Jewel in helping Random pull out of her downward spiral.

1382-1386 AY: To her horror, Yurika is pulled away from her travels by Kozue to work with Kaname to build up the Naval Mage Corps of Rebma. Much sisterly squabbling ensues, culminating in a massive fight, which ends with Kozue beating them both up and putting them back to work. Their efforts pay off when the Melnibonean War breaks out.

1386-1391 AY: The Second Melnibonean War Kozue puts Yurika in charge of the shipyards of Rebma. Applying her engineering skills, Yurika vastly increases productivity and ship quality. She spends the war running the shipyards, though she makes a trip to Chaos to aid her sister at Second Altamont, of which she will not speak. The experience seems to have a positive effect on her, making her much more responsible and earning her more respect in the family.

1391-1396 AY: Yurika returns to Panopticon to pursue various advanced studies in engineering and also plunges into Sidar-related studies, picking up a MA in Sidar Studies. During this time, she becomes fairly friendly with Telemain, who is also at Panopticon, working on his Cosmology Doctorate.

1396-1404 AY: Yurika now begins mixing time between a series of ship-design projects for Rebma and doing archaeological work with Prince Beowulf and sometimes Prince Telemain.

1404-1409 AY: Yurika is reluctantly dragged away from this to provide trump assistance to combatting the Invasion of the Dark. She serves well, though she seems to drive Asuka insane.

1409-1417 AY: When Communists Attack (Arcadia) Much to Yurika's aggravation, one war ends and she has to go to Arcadia to help her sister fight off the invasion of the Commiecorn. Yurika has a massive duel with Groucho and Karl on the Commiecorn's back before being rescued by Ota Minor (to her embarrassment). Afterwards, she seems to treat Ota with much more respect than before. During this time, Yurika helps to greatly improve the ship quality of Arcadia's navy. She and Minako become good friends. Disturbingly, she also becomes rather friendly with Dr. Jacqueline.

1417-Present: Yurika returns to Rebma and alternates between doing diplomatic work, various engineering projects, exploration of Shadow and dodging attempts by Kozue to put her in charge of things for the Navy of Rebma.

During this period, Yurika makes a prolonged attempt to get Violet into bed with her. Violet, however, doesn't seem interested, which seems to drive Yurika insane. This seems to have died down in recent years, as she seems to have taken an interest in Sousuke, perhaps because of concluding Kaname will never get around to seducing him.

1430 AY: Yurika makes it to the King of Fighters Tournament, only to be eliminated in Round 7 by Mas Oyama.

It can be noted that Tomos and Yurika have dated repeatedly, with things falling apart each time they were seperated by events for long stretches of time. Their final attempt collapsed a few months before the game started.

Personality and Aptitudes

Yurika is a friendly and cheerful, sometimes irresponsible Princess of Rebma. She is technically Kaname's big sister, but is illegitimate, so she has tended to let Kaname be the responsible one while she has fun. This sometimes exasperates her parents and others. Once she gets moving to help out, she's reasonably effective, but getting her moving can be the hard part.

Yurika is rather affectionate (perhaps a little too much so at times), and very open about her sexuality. She's known to be pro-harem, though she doesn't seem to actively seek one. She does pursue romance in general fairly actively, sometimes driving her sister nuts in the process.

Yurika is very strong, able to punch out charging amberite warhorses, or eventually smash a house to rubble with her bare hands. She is known to be able to randomly punch out people on the street with a single punch, though she rarely rampages. Since her appearance, she has done a fair amount of training with Saionji, Ramon, Thoric, and Kanna to augment her unarmed skills. She is among the top members of the family in such matters.

Her second greatest talent is trump, relating to her skills as an artist. She has a fair amount of musical aptitude, but is much more a painter and sculptor. She also enjoys knitting. Her skills are not quite so great as Kaname or Miki or Mutsumi or Corrine, but she is generally thought to be the next best in the family after those four. She is especially known for making vicious use of trump traps.

Her third greatest talent is as an engineer; she was forced into Panopticon by her parents, but enjoyed her time there and has become quite a tinker who enjoys diving into equipment and figuring out what's wrong and how to improve it.

Yurika has some fairly good diplomatic skills, and seems to have a natural knack for politics. She is also a good administrator if she puts her mind to it.

Yurika has some naval experience, but despite her parent's efforts, has never put the amount of effort into it needed to excel. Still, she can get around a ship without accidentally drowning.

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Notable Items

Yurika is noted for making a wide variety of gizmos, some of which actually work. She's also noted for making extensive use of trump variants, whether as clothing, weapons, or gizmos. She has a collection of gloves and footwear which are knit trumps she uses with her unarmed combat skills.

In-Game Developments

After attending the LARP, Yurika seemed hard-hit by Telemain's death, followed by the revelation that Kozue was a traitor. She spent the following days working with her parents to purge Rebma of any traitors and reformulate all naval plans.

She then assisted Chloe and Suzuka and Kaname and Anya in cleaning out Telemain's Smoke Ring. Shortly after that, she had the chance to assist Lord Sousuke during the Logruswrack, saving him from the Fall of Helgram through a chance trump call, then helping in the recapture of Helgram and its cleansing of Abyssal forces.

She is now in Arcadia, about to assist Random with a mission.