Queen Yuriko Star I

Daughter of Queen Moire of Rebma and Count Yamato

"Stop slouching, husband,"--whispered by Queen Yuriko at a reception to her husband.

"She's a woman I can respect and do business with. She gets things done and keeps the royal government efficient and effective. The perfect match for Tylor,"--Horatio Walpole, ex-head of the KTC.

"Even my best pratfalls don't work on this woman. I think she sold her sense of humor to the Narwhale for power or something"--Krusty the Royal Fool

Yuriko is the hyper-efficient daughter of Queen Moire of Rebma, now married to King Tylor. They form a good pair, as her efficiency counters his laziness, while he keeps her from becoming so tightly wound that she explodes. She has yet to successfully produce any children, which has caused some grumbling at court. Queen Yuriko has extensive military experience in Rebma's underwater navy, and met Tylor during a joint military operation.

Queen Yuriko is bodyguarded by Vash. She is a full partner of her husband and weilds vast authority, especially when he is sick. This is known to irritate some of the nobility. She is known to be on good terms with Prince Kentaro and Ambassador Sumire, and on fairly good terms with most of the rest of the Herald-era generation. She has been known to lecture Jacqueline about being more careful, Lily about wearing more clothing, and Mitsune about causing less trouble, though. Like her husband, she has spent a lot of time with Lord Keitaro, and seems to largely treat him as if he was her son.

Offered the throne of Rebma at the end of the Herald Crisis, she refused it on the grounds that she couldn't keep Tylor out of trouble if she ruled Rebma too.

Queen Yuriko is known to find Orien useless, Random quite aggravating, and to favor Asuka and Kaname. Queen Yuriko really, really can't stand Baron von Munchausen. She tends to become twitch-tastic when in the presence of Setsuna for long.

Yuriko seems quite unhappy over the death of Telemain, Nanami, and Mikage in the recent battle in shadow.

She has recently become pregnant, finally.


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