NPC Cast


Ah, your face, think I remember
Didn't we meet you last December?
In a stinkin' squat, or a parking lot
Perhaps we met but maybe not

Aye we've had good times, and if you'll kindly remind me
I just might remember your name
But after knocking back ten thousand shots
All you punks look the same</i>

The Empire:

Orn Free Taa: Imperial Senator for Ryloth, a Twi'lek. Corpulent, deeply corrupt. One of the Marks in the Ranroon Job.

Lux Bonteri: Imperial Senator for Onderon, a human. Son of a idealistic Seperatist lawmaker, politically unreliable. One of the Marks in the Ranroon Job.

C. C. Snythe: Imperial Customs Inspector, a human, known as 'The Snake'. Deeply crooked and running his own smuggling operation.

Grand Moff Tarkin: Notorious enemy of all good music, Imperial official who got in the way of Manny getting the new Paft Dunk album with his stupid rules. But he got it anyway, so hah!

Vassen Lem: Imperial Intelligence officer with an interest in Alaia and by extension the crew.

Mac Aree: Sector Ranger, not a New Order fan, worked with the crew on the Droid Job.

Lena: His droid sidekick with the rounded chassis.

0-0-0, aka 'Trip': Protocol and assassin droid with some interesting engineering theories about blood.

The Underworld:

Blue: Bounty Hunter, middle-aged human female. Flies an old-model cutter called the Prohibited Lady. Known for her mobile fighting skills, vibroblade, and amazing hair.

Jorge Jedi-Killer: Bounty Hunter, clone male who carries a disruptor rifle, a lightsaber, and a grudge. Fairly skillful lightsaber combatant. Currently a prisoner of the Rebellion.

Beebox: Extremely short mid-tier bounty hunter favoring Mandalorian armor, on friendly acquaintance terms with Min.

Vandal Carondan: Smuggler, pirate, con man, criminal; human male. Last seen spiraling towards retirement in an escape pod howling curses.

Vandi Carondan: Vandal's daughter and heir apparent, having deposed daddy. Cybernetic arm.

Dory Doggins: Young human male; seller of contraband, information, and shadier things on Kwenn Station.

Dr. Aloysius Fink: Renegade archeologist and looter, human male. Deeply untrustworthy.

Mo Stwell: Fixer, human male. Operates out out Kwenn Station. Connections with Blue.

Dorakhan Wowbagger: Fixer, human male. Operates out of Nar Shaddha.

Beedtza the Hutt: Besadii functionary, 'male' Hutt. Contact for the players.

Aunchuvee the Hutt: Junior Besadii functionary, 'male' Hutt. Physically fit, unusually blunt for a Hutt.

Clem Soo Frond: A Besadii underboss on Ryloth in charge of goods shipments.

Vyfe Har: Mob boss in the Pyke Syndicate, pyke male. Has blackmail of some sort on Min.

Duka-Wik: Trandoshan member of the Celanon branch of the Pyke Syndicate, friendly(?) with Min.

Lazzo Cor-Tege: Zygerrian slaver, pirate, and now mutilated corpse thanks to Trip.

Sweetie: Female Wookiee involved in the Sleytheron underworld, old friend of Alaia.

Shug Ninx: Underworld reliable mechanic and sourcer; frequenty supplier to the Raven crew.

Urghbleah: 'Negotiator', wookiee male. Heavily addicted to spice, deathsticks, schzoid breaks, and sodomy. Last seen in an escape pod howling curses at the crew.

Force Ghosts:

Inmedua Shorereach: Jedi Knight, humanoid female. Apparently a version of Min as she would have been without the fall of the Jedi. Weird Force bullshit at work!