Header art by Alan Harnum

The Concept

A Fistful of Finndos was a two GM, three Amber universe crossover run in Winter 2000-2001 by John Biles and Mike Loader. It initially starred Princess Corrine of TAMD-Amber and Princess Juri of Avalon, who later acquired Prince Roderick of Gumi-Amber and Prince Gideon of Avalon's assistance in trying to stop Skippy the Logrus Squid, who had been hijacked by the children of the now dead Prince Finndo of the Gumi-Amber universe with the assistance of Kiryuu Nanami, Assistant Keeper of the Logrus in the Avalon universe. The result was a merry (?) chase across all three universes, finally culminating in the destruction of Skippy and of Corrine's half-brother Prince Drake's fortress shadow in the process.

The Universes

Dramatis Personae:

Poster by Alan Harnum (Juri)

The Heroines and Heroes (aka the Spoon Gumi)

The Finndo Clan (aka The MacFinndos?)

Assorted Forces of Mayhem

Supporting Cast

The Game Masters

The Art

The Quotes