"The portrait was competent, but only that; the frame gilt, not truly jade; the colors merely vibrant, rather than genuinely breathtaking; the placement in the hall obvious, but not prominent. I glanced at the cartouche beneath it; ah, yes, my young cousin. It had been too many years, and the passage not to the good; I noted the small heresies in the way he dressed, his uniform -uniform! as if the robes of our order were not good enough! ah, but he had not joined; further evidence of how far his branch had fallen- with the decorative buttons, the small animals emblazoned on the staff slung across his back. Jade, though; that was good. I half expected orichalc or the hideous flowing moonsilver. I studied the boys face closely; good breeding, too. Clear blue eyes, perfect skin, straight blonde hair, a hint of a curl above the temples on both sides. A troubled expression on his slightly soft face -weak, cousin; weak- but he did know how to stand, I saw, and the staff was properly secured. He was silhouetted against the Imperial Mountain -another small heresy; the Great Pole of Earth is beyond our petty depictions of it- against a cloudy sky with the smear of the setting sun turning the horizon ruddy. This, then, my family, is the boy you say shall surpass me someday? Please. You delude yourselves."

--Peleps Deled.

Peleps Forsis descends from a small offshoot of house Peleps; a patrician line desceneded from the third daughter (unExalted) of Peleps Nalim. It was considered a great surprise when he, his siter, and all of their cousins Exalted within weeks of each other in their late teens; clearly, the blood skips a few generations.

Forsis, a water-aspect, demonstrated great skill at the martial arts from a young age, so much so that the Cloister of Wisdom, after his Exaltation, sponsored him for admittance. However, to the shock of many and most, his family politely but firmly rebuffed this offer, instead apprenticing him to a long series of private martial arts tutors; retired Immaculates, mostly, drawn from the ranks of houses olders generation. This caused a brief stir of scandal; however, Forsis distinguished himself greatly in the Form of the Water Dragon, defeating a number of much older and more powerful Immaculates in open competitions during festivals. His house has begun to quietly position him for advancement to greater roles within it; it is said that only Peleps Deled, his cousin, is more skilled in the Immaculate Arts within the house, and Forsis is dutiful, honorable, and most of all -loyal- to Peleps, whereas Deled cares only for himself and the furtherance of his religious agenda.

Peleps is a generally quiet, modest man, who speaks with great force when need be but always calmly, his words flowing forth like smooth, unending waves, gently pushing aside all opposition. He does not make friends easily but few count themselves his enemy; he is far to polished for that, the result of painstaking efforts after his Exaltation; as a child he was thought to be terribly withdrawn and a social misanthrope.

His parents are Peleps Marin and Peleps Jezreel; he has one sister, Pacifica, a fire-aspect, and is known to be close to his two cousins, Sesus Shannon and Sesus Raquel (his mother's brother married into that house), earth and air aspects respectively.