[Map of Arolanit]

With Brithos itself vanished, Arolanit is one of very few places left which still follow ancient Brithini ways. Rigid adherance to caste enables the inhabits of Arolanit to live forever unless killed. Given they believe that you cease to exist as a distinct person, your materia (tiny particles which make up all matter, each connected to a rune) dispersing back into nature, they try very hard to avoid situations where they might die. The Soldier Caste is regarded as the unluckiest one to be born into, even if they have authority over Commoners, simply because they must risk their lives for the rest. (Conversely, though, Soldiers are hard to kill.) Arolanit employs mercenaries, golems, etc, as much as it can in order to minimize risk, since death means annihilation.

There are four castes, each having authority over the one below it, for men. Women belong to a fifth caste with special duties.

Arolanit is ruled by a High Council elected by the Nobles; each city's nobles elect their own council and the high council appoints governors for the rural districts. The Wizard Caste is organized into Schools of magic which govern themselves, subject to noble oversight; the army's top officers are chosen by the High Council and they determine promotion within military ranks. Commoners form guilds and village communes.

Ironically for a nation of fixed castes, Arolani are eager for distinction and fame and promotion within their caste. To sit on the High Council, to be the Chancellor of a School of Wizardry, to command as a Marshal or to be Guildmaster or Village Mayor is something everyone wants. Even women compete in terms of the status of their husband and children and their accomplishments, their own skill with women's magic, and so on.

They are also eager for knowledge; they believe once they know everything, the world can be returned to its primal purity. Danmalstan can be remade! Most Arolani never leave their home but those who do are hungry to learn about the world.

The Arolani have no religion; the creator is an impersonal force and all gods, spirits, etc, are just particularly powerful mortals, unworthy of worship. They revere Zzazabur for his skill as a wizard but don't worship him, and they regard Malkion as a fool and his followers as bigger fools. He would be alive now if he'd stuck to the truth!

While major magics are restricted to the Wizard caste, every caste has its own petty magics which they gain through devotion to their caste duties. Those elected to high station within the caste have somewhat stronger powers. Women have their own magics as noted above.

The Arolani tightly restrict access to their homeland because the presence of people who don't follow their way damages their magics. Mercenaries must follow rigid rules or be fired without pay and foreigners may only visit Laufol the Open City. (Yet, at the same time, foreigners fascinate them. This often leads to trouble.)

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