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During the Great Darkness, the Great Spirit Heron, SurEnslib?, protected the Darjinni from all their foes. But after the Dawn, the rise of the Dara Happans led to conquest at the hands of their city-dwelling neighbors. Periodically, they rise up and get slaughtered. But now the Lunar empire has come and the proud Dara Happans no longer rule over Darjinn. Now three proud Dara Happan cities are subject to the laws of the Satrap, who is of Darjinni stock. Fortunately for the Dara Happans, the Darjinni are not vengeful.

Not too vengeful. But anything which can annoy straight-laced Dara Happans will happen. The Darjinni utterly lack shame about human needs or fulfilling them as long as it doesn't involve the use of force. Any Darjinni party which doesn't end with people naked, drunk, and possibly lost or in the wrong plane of existence isn't a real party.

Once a marshy land, the land has been tamed and turned into endless rice paddies and fields of wheat, corn, sugar beets, eggplant, turnips, carrots, and broccoli.

The Great Spirit Heron, SurEnslib? and Vargar the Sky Mariner

This is a shamanistic cult, though the official head of the cult, Beveletia, who wears the sacred Heron Mask which turns aside fire. She is called 'Highest Priestess' to deal with outsider snobbery. She commands the sacred herons and travels between the nineteen holy Egg Halts, the shrines of SurEnslib?; she commands the secrets of the reeds from which moonboats are made by the cult of Vargar the Sky Mariner (Moon, Motion, Mastery), a Darjinni hero who became a god by building the boats which saved the Darjinni from the Great Flood. (Anaxial, by the way, totally stole the design from him. Everyone in Darjinni knows this but they really don't expect any better from Dara Happans, who everyone knows use their telescopes to steal secrets and watch everything they claim is filthy while denying they are doing so.) Further, Beveletia commands the secret of how to crown an Emperor using the Water Marriage Fire Secret; this has been used to crown emperors in times past. She accepts the Red Emperor, but it is likely if he somehow falls, once again, Darjinn will have its own emperor and yet another Darjinni/Dara? Happa war will erupt. Admittedly, such wars usually ended in Darjinn losing again, but the Hero Wars may well be the chance to change that luck.

Notable Kinds of Spirits Commanded by the SurEnslib? cult

Beveletia, High Priestess of SurEnslib?

A woman in her fifties, she is dark haired and tanned, sturdily built and strong. She heads the cult of SuEnslib? and thus wields huge magical and social power. Only by her favor can the Empire build more Moonboats and the Satrap curries her favor because it makes governing much easier. She possesses the Moonboat Blessing Secret, the Water Marriage Fire Secret, and the Rising Waters secret, which lets her flood the land, turning it into swamp. The Heron Mask, made from the feathers of SuEnslib?, is always on her face; while she wears it, the fires of Yelm are powerless against her. She oversees the 19 Holy Nests, many lesser Shrines and a small army of shaman-priests and priestesses.

Satrap MakkritOor?

Appointed by the Red Emperor, MakkritOor? is a Darjinni nobleman, the fourth of his line to oversee his homeland; like all Satraps, he is initiated to the Seven Mothers. He an Illuminated sorceror, noted for his skill with Water and Plant magic. He rules with a light hand, for this is his homeland; he takes an especial delight in making life hard for the three Dara Happan cities under his authority. He is friendly with the Aldryami found in the Southwest of Darjinn and seems to want to expand their territory.

Clans and Associations

Darjinni families form clans of about 900-1200 people. These clans group into Associations of 6-10 clans, which form the major political blocks of Darjinni society. Clan Heads and Association Lords are chosen by the Elders of the clans, those who have made it to at least age 50. They can be deposed by a vote of the Elders and thus work to build consensus. They all dwell west of the Osilir; east of the river, Lodrilli Dara Happans and Urban ones dwell; the Darjinni refer to the Lodrilli as 'Stickmen'.

There are close to a hundred Associations, too many to track. Among the most notable are 'River Riders' (River traders), 'Birds in Flight' (A particularly religious Association), 'Dara Happans are Filthy' (Noted for hating Dara Happans, only legal since Lunar Conquest), 'The Five Swords' (Hirers out of mercenaries), 'The Diyadin Entertainment Guild' (Operates theater troupes across the country), and the Rice Wagoners (Major rice dealers).

Places of Note

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