Imther is both prosperous and embattled at once; some parts of the land flourish with grains and fruits and the production of the distinctive Imther cheeses. Other parts are major sources of bronze and trade with the Mostali. And some parts are very dangerous, vulnerable to Pentan raids and monsters from Gorgoma's Refuge.

Imther recently suffered a civil war and is trying to recover; King Margor IV emerged the victor over anti-Lunar claimants but his hold on the throne is fragile and he's bitter the other allied kingdoms offered him little aid unless he handed over chunks of his lands. He fought through without them but is now frustrated and bitter and only now realizing how much his land is a bodyshield for other lands.

Western Imther is mostly organized into hill and mountain clans who farm and raise sheep, cattle and llamas (used for transport and wool, obtained in the first age from Praxian mercenaries); they used to raid each other but now mostly send their youth to fight for the King against his many foes. Lowland farmers are organized into huge tenant farms which are owned by the King and help to fund his constant state of war.

Grain farmers, herders, and soldiers live in the northeast, trying to gradually claim more land from Pent and facing heavy native resistance and trying to deal with monsters from Gorgoma's Retreat at the same time. This may prove to be impossible to sustain long term.

Imther's military is based around slingers, skirmishers and small forces of mobile heavy dragoons. Traditionally, each clan fields 20 dragoons, 50 slingers and 50 spear skirmishers; they can double the slingers and spear skirmishers in an emergency but it usually means risking all the able-bodied men (and those women who fight) if they do. The king has been training light cavalry forces which can chase and engage Pentans in the field but it's slow and requires a lot more horses than they normally put into war.

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