The Kostaddi have long resented being ruled by Dara Happans and others, but have rarely been good at remaining independent. They joined Sheng Seleris willingly in the 1300s-1400s, so now they are ruled by the Khan of Khans, Rhaffa, of the Sable Nation, who demands very heavy tributes, a third of all income and harvests and production. Those who complain soon learn the fifty-eight sacred tortures of the Sable faith. Clan Khans collect the taxes and pay a cut to the Khan of Khans; they are often not very good at sticking to 1/3rd, given many aren't very literate.

The Sable Riders are antelope riding nomads who mainly live off their herds and the massive tributes they receive. They are especially fond of cheeses and usually spend a fair chunk of the tribute on Imtherite cheese. They are kin to the Sable tribe of Prax. Men hunt, fight, and herd. Women do domestic tasks and craftwork.

The Kostaddi are farmers and artisans, living in family farms and small towns and cities. They worship Gerendetho the Great Billy Goat (Beast, Mastery) and his wife Senkana, the Barley Mother (Fertility, Plant). They are a practical, hard-working folk who would like to govern themselves but seem doomed never to succeed in it.

Dara Happans live in the Oslir river valley, using Kostaddi slaves and serfs to grow cash crops. Being subject to the Sable Riders enrages them but they know they can't fight the whole empire. It has led them to an unusual degree of tolerance of the Kostaddi and their own peasants, recognizing the need for allies.

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