Northwest Kerofinela (Akkad and Tarsh)

[Map of Northern Akkad in Peloria] [Map of Northwestern Kerofinela]

After the destruction of the True Golden Horde in 1100 ST by the Dragonkill, many of the survivors settled in what is now the Grazelands, Akkad and Tarsh. Pressure from the Lunar Empire first drove the two regions to unite as countries, then eventually led to their conquest in the 14th century (Akkad) and the late 15th to 16th century (Tarsh). A group of exiles from Tarsh took refuge in Sartar; the largest group settled around Kero Fin in the Dragonspine Mountains.

This area is an important breadbasket for the Lunar Empire, producing huge amounts of potatoes, maize, barley, wheat, rye, and oats, along with tomatoes, beans, squash, carrots, asparagus, broccoli, and cauliflower. The last two vegetables are especial staples of the Lunar diet and thought to promote intelligence.


Akkad is inhabited by Lunarized Orlanthi who are increasingly shifting to the northern model of society and away from their roots. Indeed, the cities and towns are hard to distinguish from those of the main body of the Empire with temples to the Lunar Pantheon, the Lunar style of dress, and the total collapse of clan and tribe structures. Units beyond the family have been replaced by guilds and associations and temple societies. On the other hand, there is clean water, public baths, few bandits and rampaging monsters and access to wealth (for some) beyond that of any true Orlanthi (except the greatest Heroes). The borders of Akkad glow a soft red, the boundary of the power of the nation's Temple of the Reaching Moon, which strengthens the power of the Moon Rune within its limits.

Akkad, like Esrolia, has been dominated by women but not to the extent of Esrola. The cult of Vinga is strong here; Vingans form the officer corps of the mostly male army and eleven of the twelve chieftan-governors are Vingan and Ernaldan initiates; the twelfth is Horsikos, an Aldyryami man and initiate of Flamal who is Chieftan-Governor of the Lunarized Aldryami who dwell within the Queendom (he is also one of the husbands of the Queen). The Chieftan-Governors form a Ring which acts as the royal council with Queen Phirgia as the tie-breaking vote. She tries to build consensus among her council and is generally reluctant to support any measure which can't get 9 votes in the council.

Akkad now contains a small region of Aldryami who have converted to the Lunar way; they come out of their woods to trade and visit the urban temples and the Akkadian Temple of the Reaching Moon and freely allow visitors to the forest. This is connected to how in Akkad, Ernalda is seen as the wife of Flamal. The Queen formally has two spouses; a human consort Vistikar, and the Chieftan-Governor of the Aldryami, Horsikos. Akkad had pursued a deliberate policy of growing more trees as a result of this union.


Tarsh is still turbulent with some groups trying to resist Lunarization but they are losing the battle. Rural villages cling to old customs while the cities become increasingly Lunarized. The focus on the war to conquer the rest of the region has slowed applying the benefits of the Lunar Empire, which has in turn slowed assimilation. The borders of Tarsh glow a soft red, the boundary of the power of the nation's Temple of the Reaching Moon, which strengthens the power of the Moon Rune within its limits. But the glow sometimes flickers and fades more than it should. It is ruled by King Pharandros, who is descended from Hon-eel, a Heroine of the Lunar Empire, who married a king of the original dynasty; battles between her descendants and the Tarshite Exiles eventually ended in complete Lunar dominance of Tarsh.

King Pharandros is hailed as a wise philosopher-king; he is an initiate of Lhankor Mhy. He is trying to speed the civilizing of his land and greatly regrets how much of its resources are being drained by the wars in Sartar, the Holy Country and Prax. Not that he thinks they should be independent but surely they could stop fighting so hard and forcing him to spend money on spears instead of books and schools! He must pay annual tribute to the Provincial Overseer, who dwells further north in another one of the southern Kingdoms which owe fealty to the Lunar Empire.

His uncle Fazzur Wideread is the second most potent noble in Tarsh; he holds the imperial offices of Provincial General and Governor-General of Dragon Pass; he is known to be very loyal to his nephew but also usually very absent, dealing with events further south.

Six 'Dukes' rule over the Six Lands of Tarsh; each is a collection of tribes and clans; the Duke typically also heads a powerful tribe which is linked to a city.

Southern Tarsh has recurrent problems with raids from the Tarshite Exiles further south in Dragon Pass, and from the broo to the southwest.

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