An Integrated Auction Example

Here's one possible example of an integrated auction, including a list of the auction lots available.

Character Basis

All character start with 100 points.

All characters start at amber level in all stats, using John Biles' split-stat system. Stats will be governed primarily by auctions. If you win an auction that does not specify which sub-stats the benefit applies to, you may divide the points as you see fit. For example, if the benefit is 10 warfare, you could choose to add that as 20 weapon skill and 0 tactics, 10 in each, or any other combo; negatives are not allow (so no 30/-10) unless specifically mentioned. Some auctions will give both full stat and specific sub-stat benefits.

All players start with access to their choice of Pattern or Broken pattern abilities, upto the basic level, using John Biles' partial power systems. No other powers are available without winning the appropriate auctions. There will be a variety of auctions with benefits such as 'access to shapeshifting upto basic level' or 'access to pattern shadow shortcuts'. Often, these benefits will include a number of points towards the power: '10 points of basic sorcery powers, plus access to fast casting or intelligent spells'. Some the lots will include outright purchase of particular power, such as 'trump sketching', others will include choice of powers, like '10 points of any basic magick powers'. In all such cases, unless otherwise indicated, you must meet the prerequisites for any powers you select.

Once the auctions are over, you may dispense any remaining points. Stats may be altered to a limited degree. Upto 10 points may be moved among stats, in any combination, so long as the total change in any stat is no more than 10. Additionally, you may spend upto 5 extra points among your stats, distributing between substats as desired (again, no negatives).


See the Alternative Auctions page for information on the types of auctions listed below.

Feature Auctions

Special Positions or Connections


In addition to the auctions below, each profession package can be purchased at a "buyout" price of 10 points. You may not buy a package more than once, so if you win it in an auction, you may not also purchase it via buyout.

The list of the benefits from winning auctions

What Happened