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DaR has arrived.

Mike says, "If we were actually doing to play a game, I'd be begging you for use of IRC, but atm I just wanna start asap."

Andrew says, "Okay, starting with 100 points."

DaR asks, "Okay. I guess we're ready to rumble then. Anyone have any questions before we start?"

Mike says, "None here."

Mercutio says, "Not I. I think we covered everything."

Sean says, "Ready as I'll be, I guess."

DaR asks, "Anyone?"

DaR asks, "No?"

Andrew is ready.

DaR says, "Right. Hear 'ye, Hear 'ye. Now starting the first playtest of the Integrated Auction."

Rod asks, "100 points, ey?"

Rod says, "let's go"

Sean doesn't have a sock drawer, but takes your point.

Sean mispuppets. x_x

Rod says, "....."

DaR says, "First up: Feature Auctions. These will be the corner stones of you characters. Who you know, who you've trained with, what you're basically like."

Mercutio says, "in other words, how much wang we have."

DaR says, "First auction is.... Campaigning with Gerard. The pirates in the territories bordering on Rebma's sphere of influence have come under attack by a band of surprisingly well organized pirates. Gerard, being in charge of the Fleet of Amber, is none to pleased with this. He intends to stop it. There's room on one of his ships. Who wants to go. Page me initial bids."

DaR says, "As a point of order, anyone not bidding, make sure to enter a 'no bid' or 'pass' or something of the sort, so I'm not waiting for you."

Mike says, "Not that anyone will remember, because they NEVER DO."

Mike froths.

Sean gives Mike the small blue pills.

DaR says, "Righty-ho, and to get under way, we've to two people tied at 5. Further bids on this auction are open, so shout out. Right now we've got Droo and Merc who were the first to scramble up the gangplank."

Andrew says, "Six."

Mercutio says, "Seven."

Andrew says, "Eight."

Mercutio says, "nine."

Rod says, "pass."

Andrew says, "Ten."

Mercutio says, "Eleven."

Andrew says, "Fifteen."

Mercutio says, "Have fun on the boat."

Sean chuckles

DaR asks, "Fifteen to Droo. Anyone want to challenge?"

DaR exclaims, "He's won the knot tying, knocked out the bosun, and was the first up the rigging!"

Andrew says, "Woohoo."

DaR says, "Going twice."

Sean waves flags

DaR exclaims, "Sold! "

Andrew says, "Yay, I get to be seasick."

Rod says, "dan, before each auctin, one favor - announce what kind of auctio nit is. dutch, english, etc. at work, kinda hectic, and hadn't memorized what each one is"

DaR nods. "Okay, will do, Rod."

Rod says, "thanks"

Mercutio asks, "Next?"

Rod says, "I'm sure he's typing out the long sentance :)"

Sean says, "Let's assume Dan is typing longly."

Rod exclaims, "philpose!"

DaR says, "NExt up Bleys' Quest. He's in town, making discreet inquiries about a mysterious adventure. He needs someone to help, but he's unwilling to trust his siblings. In fact, he's downright avoiding Fiona, which is pretty unusual. Still, he's Uncle Bleys, dashing and charming and good at everything. Maybe you're innocent enough to go with him. This is a Dutch auction, and the bidding will start at 30, and I'll count down until someone snaps it up."

DaR says, "First one to speak up wins, at the current price."

DaR says, "30"

DaR says, "29"

DaR says, "28"

DaR says, "27"

DaR says, "26"

DaR says, "25"

DaR says, "24"

DaR says, "23, this could be the adventure of a lifetime..."

DaR says, "22"

DaR says, "21"

DaR says, "20"

Rod says, "OOCly 'it is the most important stat....'"

DaR says, "19, he's been in and out of the library a lot."

DaR says, "18"

DaR says, "17"

DaR says, "16"

Mike says, "Sold, here."

Rod says, "Hn."

DaR exclaims, "Sold! For 16 to the mysterious man in the fedora!"

Sean says, "As opposed to us madmen in fedoras."

Sean says, "Oooowww..."

DaR says, "Okay, next up Campaigning with Benedict. Kasfa and Begma have been besieged by barbarians out of Shadow. Nothing the big B can't handle, but there's a who loto f them, and he's going to need some trusty lieutenants to carry out his orders and oversee the men. English Auction, and the top two bidders walk away with a chance to be Benedict's henchmen."

DaR says, "There's a whole lot, even."

DaR says, "Okay, Rod has charged into the lead with 8, hack and slashing and showing everyone what he's made of. Right behind him is a tie between Merc and Droo."

Mercutio says, "Six."

Rod exclaims, "LISTEN TO MY SONG!!!!!!!"

DaR says, "Tie broken."

Andrew says, "Eight."

DaR says, "Two at 8."

Mercutio says, "Nine."

Rod says, "14"

DaR says, "14 and 9."

Andrew says, "Pass."

DaR exclaims, "Anyone else jumping in? Benedict's the man... he can whip barbarians with a plastic spork!"

DaR says, "Going twice! gotta beat a measly 9 to go with the armsmaster of Amber..."

DaR says, "Open bidding, Mike jumps to 10."

Mercutio says, "eleven."

DaR says, "Merc duels Mike, driving back his pathetic bid."

Mike exclaims, "12!"

Mercutio says, "13."

DaR exclaims, "Counter and parry, and a return thrust!"

Mike exclaims, "Hah! HAHA! 5!"

Rod says, "....."

DaR asks, "Is that a 15?"

Sean stares

Mike says, "No, it's 5."

Rod laughs!

Mike says, "I fold. :)"

Andrew laughs.

Sean giggles

DaR exclaims, "I'll take that as a falling down and getting your blade tangled in your bootlaces. How pathetic!"

DaR says, "14 and 13 for a chance to watch Benedict under Real War Conditions."

DaR says, "Going twice."

DaR exclaims, "Sold!"

DaR says, "Rod at 14 and Merc at 13."

Rod busts out the guitar and sings Mariachi!

DaR says, "Okay. Next up, Fiona's Lab Assistant. She's been looking for a new one since the last one opened a portal to another dimension and had his soul sucked out by demons. Oops. She's got some fairly delicate mystical experiments going on and could use some spare hands. It's been whispered that she's considering a few people, and you could be one of them. This is a Japanese style auction. You must bid to stay in or drop out. You can match the current bid, or raise, but you cannot match your own bid, so if it comes back around to you, you have to raise or drop out. Order will be determined by initial bids. Get 'em in."

DaR asks, "Okay, we've got three players in. The top bid is Mike with 10. First option goes to Droo. Match, raise, or fold?"

Andrew says, "Fold."

DaR asks, "Droo collapses like a little girl, unable to tell a erlenmeyer flask from a beaker. Sean?"

Sean says, "Raise. 11."

DaR exclaims, "Oh, a particularly clever way to clean the lab!"

DaR asks, "Mike?"

Mike says, "15, bucko."

DaR asks, "Wow, whereever did he get those fresh dragon claws?"

DaR asks, "Sean?"

Sean folds

DaR says, "Gone, to Mike at 15."

DaR says, "Next up: Brand's Dupe. During the big shakedown, you managed to get involved in Brand's schemes. Maybe he blackmailed you, maybe you unwittingly gave him information, perhaps your life was offered to another as payment for a service.... or maybe you helped him out yourself. Whatever the case, you've been cleared of any wrongdoing, at least officially. This is a Dutch auction, starting at 30."

DaR says, "30."

DaR says, "29."

DaR says, "28."

DaR says, "27."

DaR says, "26."

DaR says, "25."

DaR says, "24. Brand might have been powermad, but he knew his stuff."

DaR says, "23."

DaR says, "22."

DaR says, "21."

DaR says, "20. Maybe he left some notes or something."

Sean says, "Sold."

DaR exclaims, "Sold at 20! Big spender!"

Andrew says, "Hi, Phil. We're running Dan's test auction now."

Mercutio says, "But he had to put up with Brand calling him 'Sheawn Jaffney.'"

Kanna hehs a bit.

Kanna just watches, then.

John says, "Howdy, Phil."

Sean says, ""You stole my teeth? I challenge you to a duel! Name your weapon!" "Teeth." "I've lost!""

Andrew says, "..."

DaR exclaims, "Okay, next up, procuring the services of one Wayland the Smith. SOme claim he's the best that ever lived in any Shadow. But finding him is not an easy task, and once you have, the payment is steep. Sometimes wealth, sometimes services, and occasionally... other considerations. But many's the man who claims it's absolutely worth it. English auction, submit your initial bids!"

DaR says, "Okay, Rod leaps to the lead with a nice 8, having spent his time listening to the myths of how he can be found."

Mercutio says, "Nine."

Andrew says, "Ten."

Rod says, "15"

Mercutio says, "Sixteen."

Andrew says, "16."

Andrew says, "Oops, 17."

Rod says, "20"

Sean says, "The Smith makes a damn fine guitar."

Andrew says, "Fold."

Mercutio says, "Me too. Have fun, Rod."

DaR says, "20, Rod is determined to have his Flying V."

DaR asks, "ANyone else? Anyone?"

Rod says, "wrong series, but you got the right idea :)"

DaR exclaims, "Sold!"

DaR says, "Next up, Julian's Training Dummy! In order to keep his Rangers of Arden sharp, Julian's taken to using you for live demonstrations. He's done all manner of insightful display, including martial skills, woodlands survival, tracking, how to train a dog to tree a man, and a variety of others. You weren't particularly willing to be a training aide, but hey, that's not Julian's problem, now is it? Dutch auction, starting at 25."

DaR says, "25."

DaR says, "24."

DaR says, "23."

DaR says, "22."

DaR exclaims, "21. Climb those trees, boy! Go on, get 'em!"

DaR says, "20."

DaR says, "19."

DaR says, "18."

DaR says, "17."

DaR exclaims, "16. Look, the blood trail goes this way!"

DaR says, "15."

Mike says, "Here, bitte."

Mercutio says, "I'll take it."

Mercutio says, "damn./"

Rod says, "whoops"

DaR exclaims, "Oooh, Mike slips in under the wire!"

Andrew chuckles.

Mercutio says, "Fucking hell."

DaR exclaims, "Some vicious action going on here!"

Sean notes Dan sounds like the DDR announcer.

DaR asks, "Next up, Investigating Corwin's Pattern. Corwin's Pattern has disappeared briefly, causing all manner of shadow storms, warping of things and disturbing things better left undisturbed. King Random needs to draft someone to go look while the elders clean things up and hold down the fort. Who's gonna go and tell Corwin that Random thinks he's a doofhead?"

DaR says, "Standard auction, get your bids in."

DaR says, "Sean sets off into shadow with a 10 clenched in his paw."

Andrew says, "11."

Sean says, "12."

Andrew says, "13."

Sean says, "14."

Andrew says, "15."

Sean cringes

Sean whines

Sean sighs

Sean says, "Fold."

DaR says, "15 to Droo... going once."

Mike exclaims, "He's got lovely money!"

DaR says, "Going twice..."

Rod exclaims, "Go Gaff!"

DaR exclaims, "Sold!"

Rod asks, "say, one question... if you're off on one quest, does it complicate matters to start buying other quests left and rigth?"

Mercutio asks, "Why would it?"

Sean imagines the quests are not concurrent.

Rod says, "ah, okay"

DaR says, "Next up, Dworkin's Caretaker. The old man is suffering at the moment. Between all the ruckus with Corwin's Pattern he's gone and had a bit of a relapse. Someone is going to need to take care of him while he sorts himself out. Protect him from the others, protect others from him, and keep him from hurting himself or the universe. Standard English, initial bids in."

DaR says, "And no, these aren't concurrent."

DaR asks, "Mike manages to find the most perfect water in existence to cool his fevered dreams, for a mere 10 points. Anyone going to do better?"

Andrew says, "11."

Mike says, "15"

Andrew says, "16."

Mike says, "17"

Andrew says, "18."

Mike says, "19"

Andrew says, "Pass."

DaR asks, "Mike's at 19. Anyone going to trump him?"

DaR says, "Going twice."

DaR exclaims, "Sold!"

DaR says, "Some fierce bidding there."

Sean says, "No-one's done a Dan and bid 100 on one item. ^_^"

Rod says, "dude, if I bid 100 on an item, i'd better get rewarded massively for it"

DaR says, "Next, Gerard's Sparring Partner. To stay the best, you've got to practice a lot. Gerard is looking for someone to practice on^H^Hwith. He promises to go easy on you... at first. This is also a standard English. Bids in."

DaR says, "Rod flexes his muscles and tells Gerard.... LISTEN TO MY SONG! The 15 points worth of bruises last for several days."

Andrew says, "18."

Rod says, "25"

Andrew says, "30."

Rod says, "40"

Andrew says, "42."

Rod says, "50"

Andrew says, "Pass. o.o"

DaR stares in awe.

DaR says, "50 going once..."

Sean says, "Damn, you guys amaze me."

DaR says, "twice..."

DaR says, "sold."

Mike boglegs at it all.

Rod says, "now, i'm either going to be awarded mightily for dumping this many points into Gerard, or I fucked myself"

Andrew says, "Crikey."

Sean shakes Rod's hand. "That took balls."

Mercutio says, "Well, Dan said he would adjust rewards for things that went really high."

Mercutio says, "Or low."

Mike asks, "Wait, he did?"

Mercutio says, "Yes."

Sean asks, "Did he?"

DaR says, "No, I said there were things that had those adjustments built in."

Rod says, "well. i repeat. :)"

DaR says, "Not that I would be adjusting them after the fact."

Mercutio says, "Ah. I misintepreted that statement. My bad."

Rod says, "I either gained bookooo bennies or I fucked myself :)"

Sean has no idea what bookooo bennies means, but agrees anyway.

Mike says, "Lot's."

Kanna says, "boucoup."

Mercutio says, "It's a bastardization of 'beaucoup.'"

Kanna was close.

Mike says, "It's a corruption of.. yar."

Sean says, "Oh. Dug me. Oooowwww..."

Mercutio says, "anyway, let's see what else we can all get gouged for."

Sean says, "There's still lots of points lying around."

Rod says, "look at it this way, lads, you won't have to worry about me going apeshit for any other auctions"

Rod says, "so it's aaaalll yours ;)"

DaR says, "Uh. Right. Next up: Attache to Flora's Diplomatic Mission. She's off to improve trade relations with Golden Circle trading partners, win concessions left and right and otherwise savage the social scene. She's taking a bunch of diplomats with her, plus a few others with... other talents. Wanna go? This a Vickery auction, which runs the same as normal, but the two winners get it at the lesser of the two top bids."

DaR says, "Sean and Droo butter up Flora with 10 and 5 points worth of flowers."

DaR asks, "Oh, surely you aren't going to let them walk away with a chance to further Amber's goals for a couple of bouquets?"

Sean bows low to Flora, his nose scraping the ground.

DaR says, "10 and 5... Going once."

Andrew steps on Sean's head and crushes his face into the dirt.

DaR says, "Come on... going twice..."

Sean grabs Lee's leg and... fails to do anything with it.

DaR says, "Sold..."

Andrew says, "Woohoo."

DaR says, "5 points each for the two winners...."

Sean says, "April in Paris..."

Mike says, "And next up on The Price Is Wrong..."

Andrew exclaims, "The Price Am Wrong!"

DaR says, "Next up, King Random's Day Off. As much as the Good King Random has turned out to be a surprisingly effective monarch, he's still a bit footloose and fancy free. Every now and again, he takes off into Shadow for a quick vacation, usually leaving Gerard or Benedict in charge. Sometimes he takes Vialle, sometimes he goes with Martin. One day, you might happen to be the one on hand. Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Has anyone seen Prince Bueller? Expect fast cars, loose wim-mens, and all sorts of chaos and confusion. This is a Japanese style auction."

DaR asks, "Okay, Rod steps in with a leading bid of 6. First around is Merc, what's your pleasure?"

Mercutio says, "I'll match that."

DaR asks, "Sean?"

Sean says, "match"

DaR asks, "Droo?"

Andrew says, "Match and raise to 7."

DaR asks, "Rod?"

Rod says, "Processing....."

Rod says, "i'm out"

Mercutio says, "I'll match to Drew."

Sean erks. "Raise to 8."

Andrew says, "Match."

Mercutio says, "I'll match."

DaR says, "Sean, gotta raise or fold."

Sean says, "9."

DaR asks, "Droo?"

Andrew says, "Raise to 10."

Mercutio says, "Ooooo. Give my best to the Queen."

Mercutio goes and gets drunk with Corwin.

DaR asks, "That's a fold. Sean?"

Sean says, "Raise to 12."

Andrew says, "Fold."

DaR says, "Sean's at twelve."

Andrew asks, "He wins, doesn't he?"

DaR says, "No one else is left, so yes."

Andrew says, "Since everyone else has folded."

Andrew says, "Right."

Sean says, "Go me. ^_^"

DaR says, "Okay, Investigations with Fiona. There's been a bunch of murders around the whole GC, and it's looking like some sort of twisted magical ritual. Professor Detective Fiona is on the case, and needs a Watson to pack her pipe and carry her coat, and help flush the sick bastard out."

DaR says, "This is an English auction, bids in."

DaR says, "Right. Sean is a wonderful natural lackey, leading at 15."

DaR says, "For Sean at 15.... going once."

DaR says, "Going twice..."

DaR exclaims, "Sold, sold, sold!"

DaR says, "Sean just likes the hats."

Sean yays! "All part of my master plan. Wait, no, wrong master plan. Uh oh... ;_;"

Rod exclaims, "SOOLDU!"

Mercutio pokes Dan.

Rod says, "it's a philpose. deal :)"

Sean says, "Patience, grasshopper."

DaR says, "Okay, next up, Werewindle. Brand's blade, forged of a section of the Pattern. You think you know where it is. But better hurry, because the first one there gets to keep it. This is a Yankee auction. You get one and only one bid, and it's utterly secret. The highest bid is the winner."

Andrew bids, then quickidles for bathroom break.

DaR says, "We have a winner."

DaR says, "Okay, next up, Dworkin's Lab Assistant. Much like Fiona's except Dworkin's not nearly so cute in something from Victoria's Secret. Study with the man who drew the Pattern, and is the leading expert in most things mystical and powerful. Standard English auction. Bids in."

DaR says, "Mike, collector of arcane knowledges, at 14."

Andrew says, "15."

Mike says, "Twenty, kung fu lad."

Andrew says, "21."

Mike says, "22"

Andrew says, "Have fun with Dworkin. Mind the spills."

DaR asks, "Anyone going to be 22?"

DaR says, "Going twice...."

DaR exclaims, "Sold!"

Sean applauds the smoking person that used to be Mike.

Fritz capers, his left eye twitching derangedly, then screams and flees as he hears the hounds coming.

Andrew says, "Arf."

Mercutio says, "The hounds! The SAVAGE JUNGLE HOUNDS! .... no, wait."

DaR says, "Okay, Caine's Dupe is the next. When he set Corwin up as a murderer, he had help doing it. Maybe you stuck the knife in him, maybe you found the shadow for him, who knows.... he was a sneaky bastard and maybe you didn't even know you got used. Dutch auction."

DaR says, "25."

DaR says, "24."

DaR says, "23."

DaR says, "22."

DaR says, "21."

DaR says, "20."

Sean says, "sold."

DaR says, "Sean, lackey... and dupe."

Sean exclaims, "Go me!"

Andrew snickers.

Rod exclaims, "LISTEN TO HIS SONG!"

Sana_Kurata wakes up.

DaR says, "Okay. Next up: A nice campaign with Bleys. He's gotten himself into a sticky wicket of a war out in Shadow, and proving he's a redhead, he intends to win it, at all costs. So he's gotten some of his friends (namely, you all) to help out. This is a two unit Vickery, just like the Flora auction."

DaR says, "Initial bids."

DaR says, "Mike and Droo, 5 point lieutenants."

Mercutio says, "Six."

Andrew says, "8."

Rod says, "folding"

DaR says, "Merc and Droo, 6 and 8."

Mike says, "Have fun on campaign."

Sean says, "Bye, you guys! *sniffle*"

DaR asks, "Anyone else? A chance to campaign with Bleys, probably the second best warrior, second best mystic, and second best everything else? All you gotta do is beat a 6?"

DaR says, "Going twice."

DaR says, "Sold, two slots for 6."

DaR says, "Llewella's Rescuer is next. Our desperate pirates, on the run from Gerard, have managed to take the princess hostage while on her way to visit Amber. Uh oh, who can save her? Engish auction."

DaR says, "Mike leads at 10."

Andrew says, "12."

Mike says, "13"

Andrew says, "17."

Mike says, "Have fun saving the princess."

DaR says, "17 going once."

DaR says, "Twice."

Rod says, "Ah... nevermind."

DaR says, "3 times and a saved princess for Droo it is."

Sean asks, "Drew's ending up pure and noble again, isn't he?"

Rod says, "yes."

Rod says, "listen to his song."

Sean feeds him haggis

Andrew kicks Sean's ass.

DaR says, "And last of the feature auctions, the Spikard Quest. You all know what it is, why you want it, what it's good for. Japanese auction, so get to it..."

DaR asks, "Okay, Mike is our opening leader at 10. Droo?"

Andrew says, "Match."

DaR asks, "Merc?"

Mercutio says, "Match."

DaR asks, "And Mike. Raise or fold?"

Mike says, "Silly match-girls. 12."

Andrew says, "Match."

Mercutio says, "fourteen."

Mike says, "Match."

Andrew says, "Match."

Mercutio says, "fifteen."

Mike says, "Match."

Andrew says, "Match."

Mercutio says, "Sixteen."

Mike says, "Match."

Andrew says, "Match."

Mercutio says, "Seventeen."

Mike says, "Match."

Andrew says, "Twenty."

Mercutio says, "Match."

Mike says, "Match."

Andrew says, "21."

Mercutio says, "Match."

Mike says, "Match, damn your eyes."

Andrew says, "22."

Mercutio says, "Match."

Mike says, "Match."

Andrew says, "23."

Mercutio says, "Match."

Mike says, "25."

Andrew says, "Bah. Fold."

Mercutio says, "Match."

Mike says, "26, white man."

Mercutio says, "Match."

Sana_Kurata falls asleep.

Mercutio says, "And you're whiter than I, sunshine."

Mike asks, "Will 30 shaake you?"

Mercutio says, "No, I'll match that. And I do wonder where these points are coming from."

Sana_Kurata wakes up.

Mike says, "From my hidden base in Shangra-La. 31, skippy."

Mercutio says, "Match. "

Mike says, "Wimp. 33."

DaR asks, "Match or fold?"

Mercutio says, "Mmm.... nah. Keep it."

Mike exclaims, "I win again, Lews Therin!"

Mercutio says, "hunh."

DaR heaves a huge sigh. "And we're taking a break here, because I need to use the rest room and grab a snack. When I return in 10 minutes or so, we'll do positions and professions."

Sean ponders a banana.

Rod ponders some crack.

Rod asks, "so how much did camping with gerard get?"

Mercutio says, "fifteen."

Rod says, "hn."

Rod says, "looking back, campaigning with benedict might've been a mistake"

Rod says, "kinda OOC for a peace loving berserker musician."

Rod says, "wayland smith and gerard training I have no regrets.... yet. but Benedict... erm."

Mercutio says, "Still fifteen auctions to go."

DaR asks, "Okay. Everyone ready for the next round?"

Andrew says, "Yes."

Rod exclaims, "HAJIME!"

Mercutio says, "Yes."

Sean says, "Here"

DaR asks, "Mike?"

Mike says, "Da."

DaR says, "Righty ho. First Postion up is Chaos Connections. Relations between Amber and Chaos are still shakey, but the threat of outright war is over. This auction will determine how much you know of Chaos and it's layout and customs and such, how many people you know and how powerful they are, and so forth. This is a Relative auction, which means it works like a stat auction would. You pay what you bid, even after you fold."

DaR says, "Initial bids in."

DaR says, "Rod is leading at 6."

DaR says, "Is that it? 6? Surely someone wants to know more of the land of logrus dwellers, shapeshifting demons, and Amber's enemies..."

David says, "... Just how evil Damasq truly is..."

DaR says, "going twice at 6."

DaR asks, "Sold. Right. Logrus, dur-hey, what's that?"

DaR pauses for a moment to field some questions.

DaR says, "Okay, Rod just won Chaos connections at 6. Everyone else knows their own bids and nothing else."

Rod exclaims, "The Serpent LISTENS TO MY SONG!!!!!"

Sean asks, "Can you get it to set you up some religious macking?"

Rod says, "good question. I can be Pimp of the Serpent"

DaR says, "Next up is Priest of the Church of the Unicorn. The Church is moderately active in the daily life of Amberites. All the royals are members of the Church, though most don't tend to be overly devout. But as a priest of the state religion you get some clout that others don't. You have sinned, my child. English auction, gimme bids."

DaR says, "Sean, dupe, lackey... priest? at 15."

Andrew says, "16."

Sean says, "Done."

DaR says, "KungFu? Priest at 16. Going once."

Mike exclaims, "Go, Father Recca!"

DaR says, "Going twice."

DaR exclaims, "Sold! To the white collared priest of the fist!"

Andrew says, "Hey, Lee's a Buddhist monk. I figure this is the closest I'll get to that here. :)"

Rod says, "okaaaay."

DaR says, "All religions are but reflections of the one true worship."

Mike says, ""I KICK ASS FOR THE LORD!""

DaR says, "Officers in the Army. Step right up for your enlistments here. Be a gentleman and an officer. 2 available. Vickery auction/."

David says, "Buddha would frown on people who kick ass for the Lord. u.u"

DaR says, "Okay, We've got Droo and merc at 2 and 3."

Sean says, "It's a very small army. :-D"

DaR asks, "Anyone? Anyone? 3 points to be an officer in the army?"

DaR says, "Aiyah. Going twice."

DaR exclaims, "Sold!"

DaR says, "Okay, NExt, Golden Circle Diplomat. See the world, meet new and unusual peoples, and laugh at their barbarian ways compared to the one true city."

DaR says, "(Sorray, neglected to mention this is a 2 unit Vickery auction)"

DaR says, "Okay, We've got Sean and Rod at 3 and 5 respectively."

DaR says, "Going twice at 3 and 5."

DaR says, "Sold."

DaR says, "Sean and Rod for 3 points each."

Mike says, "Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeext."

DaR says, "Okay, next is Amber Intelligence Agent. Be the man that James Bond is just a Shadow of. Woo the women, work in secret, defeat evil dictators. Fetch Benedict's slippers. This is a Yankee auction. Absolutely secret and the winner will not be announced."

DaR says, "Place your single bids, gentlemen."

DaR says, "We have a winner."

Mike exclaims, "Yippy skippy, the winner!"

DaR says, "Okay, next is Officers of the Navy. Like Officers of the Army, but the Navy instead. Much supperior to those landlubbers. Vickery, two positions. Lemme have 'em."

DaR says, "Okay, we've got a pair of dueces, for Droo and Sean."

Mercutio says, "Trey."

DaR says, "That bumps you, Sean."

Sean says, "I'll match."

DaR says, "And bumps Droo."

Andrew says, "Pass. I'm already an army officer and Campaining with Gerard. :)"

DaR asks, "Right. Anyone want to get in on hot in the Navy Action for the low low price of 4 points?"

DaR says, "Going twice."

DaR says, "Sold."

Sean snaps his fingers at a foeman's taunts.

DaR says, "Next up, Captain of the Guard, our last position. El Captian. You get to run the guards, meaning Amber's primary police force is yours for the commanding. And what fine young men they are. English auction, let's hear the bids."

Mike says, "o/~ He bid so little they rewarded he / By Making him the ruler of the King's Navee o/~"

DaR asks, "Merc at 4. You gonna let whitey run the police forces of the man?"

David riots! o.o

Andrew says, "5."

Mercutio says, "Six."

Andrew says, "7."

Mercutio says, "Eight."

Andrew says, "Fold."

DaR asks, "Anyone else?"

DaR says, "going twice...."

DaR says, "Sold. Merc is now the Man that done sunk your continents."

Mike exclaims, "KILL WHITEY!"

Rod says, "LISTEN TO MY SONG!" "... arrest him."

    1. -_- ##

    1. H_H ##

DaR says, "Okay. We're going into professions now. Just to make it clear, anyone and everyone can buy for 10 points, unless you already won it as an auction. You can't take one twice. These are all Vickery auctions."

DaR asks, "Everyone clear?"

Mercutio says, "Ja, mein herr."

Rod says, "wait"

Mike exclaims, "JAWOHL!"

Rod asks, "so if someone dumps ten at the start, boom, everyone else is locked out?"

Sean asks, "So once you have a profession, youre done?"

DaR says, "No, because they're vickery. Which means if someone else bids one, everyone can bid for the second post."

Andrew says, "No, if you don't win it in the auction, you can buy it at 10 afterward."

Rod says, "right. okay."

DaR says, "And no, you can take multiple professions. This is amber, you've had years to finish school and get a job."

Mike says, "And a haircut."

Sean says, "And a drinking problem."

DaR asks, "And since these are going to go for a couple points each, we'll dispense with the private initial bids. First up is soldier, who wants this one cheap?"

Mercutio says, "Ah. One."

Rod says, "one"

Andrew says, "One."

Rod says, "two"

DaR says, "Merc and Rod."

Mercutio says, "And Drew."

Mercutio says, "There's three."

Rod says, "actually. hn. sez 3 unit vic... yeah."

DaR says, "Right, 3."

Rod suddenly feels stupid bidding 2, but what the hell.

DaR asks, "Anyone? Anyone?"

Mike asks, "Bueller?"

Sean giggles

DaR says, "Sold. 3 soliders for a point."

DaR asks, "Guardsmen?"

Mercutio says, "One."

Rod says, "pass"

Sean says, "pass"

Mike says, "Pass."

Rod says, "oh, what the hell. 1."

Andrew says, "Pass."

DaR asks, "Okay, that's two at 1. Anyone?"

DaR says, "Two guardsmen for 1."

DaR says, "Musicians."

Mercutio says, "One."

Sean says, "1."

Rod says, "one"

Andrew says, "Pass."

DaR says, "Oooh, gonna have to go to two, Rod."

Rod says, "erm. two."

Mike says, "Pass."

DaR asks, "Sean?"

DaR says, "(you're the bumpee)"

Sean says, "pass"

DaR says, "Okay, that's two musicians, at one, due to the vickery."

DaR says, "Lawyers? (Or advocates or barristers, or whatever)"

Mercutio says, "One."

Sean says, "1."

Andrew says, "Two."

Rod says, "pass"

Sean says, "2."

DaR says, "merc bumped."

Mercutio says, "Pass."

DaR asks, "Anyone? Anyone?"

DaR says, "Two lawyers at 2."

DaR says, "Mystics. Got 3 here."

Mike says, "1"

Mercutio says, "One."

Andrew says, "Two."

Sean says, "1."

Rod says, "three"

Mike says, "2"

Sean says, "Er, 3."

Mercutio asks, "Okay, whoa. What's the order now?"

Andrew says, "3, 3, 2. Me as 2."

Mike says, "3"

Andrew says, "Four."

Sean says, "4."

Mercutio says, "Pass."

Rod says, "4"

Mike says, "4"

Sean says, "5."

Andrew says, "Five."

Rod says, "five"

Mike says, "Pass."

Sean says, "6."

Rod asks, "so we've got 6, 5, 5 right?"

Mercutio says, "No, Sean, Mike passed. It's over."

DaR says, "Correct."

Sean says, "Drew, me, and Rod, Merc."

Sean says, "oh, 3."

DaR says, "3 mystics at 5 final price."

Sean is sleepy, don't mind him.

Rod says, "three to go"

DaR says, "Skilled labor."

Mercutio says, "One."

Mike says, "1"

Andrew says, "Two."

Rod says, "two"

Mercutio says, "Out."

Mike says, "3"

Rod says, "three"

Andrew says, "Pass."

DaR says, "Mike and Rod. 2 laborers at 3."

DaR says, "Manual Laborers. Even Amber needs ditch diggers."

Andrew says, "One."

Mike says, "1"

Rod says, "one"

Mercutio says, "Pass."

Andrew says, "Three."

Rod says, "two"

Mike says, "Pass."

DaR says, "Droo and Rod at 2..."

DaR says, "Done."

Rod asks, "sailor?"

Mercutio says, "Two."

DaR says, "Thanks, Rod. :)"

Mike says, "Pass."

Andrew says, "One."

Sean passes

Rod says, "what's merc bidding two on? O.o"

Sean passed for the other 2 before, too. ^^;;

Andrew says, "Sailor."

Rod says, "three for 'hello sailor!'"

Andrew says, "Pass."

DaR says, "Rod and Merc for sailors at 2."

DaR says, "And that, my friends, is the end of the auction."

Mercutio exclaims, "Woohoo!"

Andrew says, "Cool. Now tell us what we got."

Mike says, "Yippy skippy, the auction! Now let's see the loot."

Sean will stay up to see what he did. We don't need to write character bios tonight, do we?

Kanna hehs.

Andrew says, "We're not actually going to play this, so bios aren't necessary at all. :)"

Mercutio says, "Mike, how the hell are you planning to play this guy? You're like twenty-five, thirty points in the hole."

Rod says, "merc forgot 20 points possible contrub"

Rod says, "contrib"

Mike says, "You forget contributions. :)"

Sean says, "Aaah, contrib. forgot"

Mercutio says, "I do not see contributions listed anywhere on the page."

Mercutio asks, "dan?"

Andrew asks, "What contributions?"

Mike says, "Silly white man. Shoulda asked Dan like me."

Mercutio says, "..."

Rod says, "i mean, every game usually has contribs...."

Rod says, "otherwise i'd be 9 points in the red right now"

Sean has 9 points left over, but then he is a conversative bidder.

Rod says, "I assume this will take a while, and droo is logging, so I will go out right now to grab dinner"

Sean says, "I can give Moriarty 2 good stuff, which I suspect he'll need just to survive."

Rod idles

Sean says, "Take a while? ;_;"

Sean asks, "How much is a while?"

Mike has exactly 1 point left.

Andrew says, "Oh. In that case, I've got 31 points left over to play around with."

Andrew says, "Although I wished that were clear on the page."

Mercutio says, "You know, the whole point of this exercise was to build character on the premise to play them. Things like 'not telling people they can do contributions' result in people doing auctions with flawed intentions and startegies, and renders the experiment USELESS."

Andrew says, "Were this a real game, I'd be a little irritated."

Mercutio asks, "I am a little irritated. I mean, Drew, you'd have bid differently if you knew you had thirty more points to play around with, right?"

Andrew says, "Somewhat, but not that radically."

DaR says, "20 points, is standard contributions."

Mercutio says, "This is not a standard auction."

Sean decides to avoid arguing and go to bed. He had a lot of fun with the auction. Can he get the results mailed to sean@thekeep.org, along with the log?

Sean says, "Night, folks. Thanks for this, was fun."

DaR says, "The auction lots are now up on the example auction page link."

Mercutio says, "It would've been nice to have '100 points, plus twenty points of contirbutions' on the page."

DaR says, "Look at it this way, you now have 20 points to buy some of the powers you have access to but not enough points to pay for."

Mercutio says, "My POINT is that auctions that are supposed to be accurate guages of how it would work in a real game case to be so if we don't have all the information we would in said real game available."

DaR shrugs. "Merc, you are, in some ways, hanging from your own rope here. Who boasted they'd spent several hours grilling me about the details so they'd know exactly how things worked? Rod ended up bidding 50, believing in part that the reward would be scaling up with the cost, which wasn't the case. Now if I were actually running this, I'd probably be nice and give him a break and some extra benefit out of that."

Mercutio says, "That was not a boast. That's me noting that if you're unsure of something, ask before the auction."

DaR says, "So, yes, there were some misunderstandings. It hardly invalidates the results. Thats what we get for throwing this together in a little over a day. And not being too worried because the end results aren't going to be characters for use in a campaign."

Mercutio says, "And silly me for thinking that contributions listend NOWHERE on the page would not figure into this at all."

DaR shrugs. "Whatever."

DaR says, "I'm not going to argue about it, because at this point it's really not relevant. We're not going to spend another 2 and half hours redoing the auction anyways."

DaR says, "And you made out like a bandit in the position section anyhow."

Mercutio says, "Yeah, but... eh. My strategy would have been considerably different. "

Mercutio cracks his knuckles. "I'd better build a character out of this."

David says, "... If you weren't sure, why didn't YOU ask, Merc? o.o"

Mercutio says, "I was sure. I was sure that since contributions, which are not mentioned or even alluded to in any wayon the page, wouldn't be involved."

Mercutio says, "Silly me."

Mercutio shuffles puppets.

Mercutio has left.

DaR says, "I expected the feature auctions to go for between 15 and 20, which most of them did. A few went *much* cheaper than expected. Flora and Bleys, for example. A couple went a little more than expected. The spikard was high, but that was expected. Gerard's Partner was just completely unexpected."

DaR says, "I was somewhat surprised by how low all the positions went. I was expecting those to go around 10 or so."

Mercutio says, "Actually, so was I. That's part of the reason I hoarded."

Mercutio asks, "Hmm. Question, Dan. when an award lists +whatever to a substat, and then a bonus to a main stat, that's on TOP of the substat, right?"

Mercutio says, "The math here is gonna be real tricky. o.O;"

DaR says, "Yes. You can split main stat bonuses by your choice. The substat bonuses have to go to that substat."

DaR asks, "Tricky? How so?"

Mercutio says, "Cos we're getting stuff into substats, but then we have a main stat, and we have to divide that main stat up and put IT into substats, and then we can shuffle ten points around, or add five more, and keep track of it all..."

DaR suggests just deciding on a lot by lot basis what to do with the points, dividing them into substats. Then add up all the substats and figure what the main stat is from the total of the pairs.

Mike says, "Must run."

Andrew waves.

DaR asks, "Droo, send me that log?"

Andrew says, "Will do."

Logging Stopped: 08/07/2001 at 21:28:49