Auction Lot Descriptions

Feature Auctions

Dworkin's Lab Assistant

Dworkin's Caretaker "Not long after Patternfall, Dworkin was afflicted by an apparent relapse of insanity and illness, due to the adjustments in Shadow caused by Corwin's new pattern. During this time you watched over him, doing your best to make sure that he did no harm to himself, others, or the universe."

Fiona's Lab Assistant "Fiona has made it known that she is looking for an assistant to help with certain delicate mystical experiments. It's been whispered she's considering a few people already, and that they might do well to impress her."

Investigation with Fiona "Random has asked Fiona to investigate a series of bizarre ritual murders going on throughout the Golden Circle. She's got clearance to take someone with her to help track and flush out the killer."

Brand's Dupe "During the patternfall war and preceding troubles, something you did was part of Brand's master plan. Maybe you did it willingly, maybe not; either way you've been forgiven, at least officially, for your part."

Campaigning with Benedict "A series of raids on the borders of Begma revealed the presence of a large horde of well organized barbarians. Benedict has been asked to clean them out. Shouldn't take more than a couple months, but he's going to need men who can carry out his orders."

Campaigning with Gerard "Several of the border territories around Rebma have been subject to raids from some overly bold pirates. Gerard is on his way to clean them out, and is assembling a crew."

Gerard's Sparring Partner "To stay the best you've got to practice, even for an Amberite. Gerard is looking for a sparring partner. He promises not to go too hard on you, at least, at first."

Attache to Flora's Diplomatic Mission "Flora, ever busy, has been tapped for a diplomatic mission to several Golden Circle Shadows and their trading partners, hoping to strengthen Amber's relations and gain favorable trading concessions. She's taking a whole host of diplomats and some others with... special talents with her. Expect to be wined and dined and discussed just out of earshot."

Julian's Training Dummy "In order to keep his ranger's sharp, Julian has used you to be a training dummy, demonstrating all manner of martial, hunting, and woodland techniques with you. Not that you were particularly willing to be the dummy, but hey, that's not Julian's problem, is it?"

King Random's Day Off "As much as King Random has turned out to be a surprisingly effective monarch, he's still a bit footloose and fancy free. Every now and again, he takes off into Shadow for a quick vacation, usually leaving Gerard or Benedict in charge. Sometimes he takes Vialle, sometimes he goes with Martin. One day, you might happen to be the one on hand. Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Has anyone seen Prince Bueller? Expect fast cars, loose wim-mens, and all sorts of chaos and confusion."

Investigating Corwin's Pattern "Corwin's Pattern briefly disappeared, causing a variety of odd effects in Shadow. The Elders are all off dealing with repercussions, so Random asks you to go ask Corwin what's going on and to please to be stopping with that."

Campaigning with Bleys "Bleys sweeps into town, rounding up some of his trusted lieutenants. He's found some battle of in Shadow that he intends to win, and might just invite you along for the ride."

Bleys' Quest "Bleys is looking for someone to help him on a mysterious adventure. He's being pretty secretive about it, and seems to be avoiding Fiona in particular, which is unusual. Perhaps he'd be willing to trust you."

Caine's Dupe "When Caine pulled his first disappearing act, just prior to the Patternfall war, you were involved somehow."

Llewella's Rescuer "Towards the end of Gerard's campaign against the pirates, a desperate pirate crew boarded a ship carrying Llewella from Rebma to Amber for a visit with Vialle. They took her hostage, in an attempt to escape with their lives. They failed to escape, and you were somehow involved, and ended up rescuing Llewella."


Quest for the Spikard

Procuring the services of Wayland The Smith "Some claim that Wayland Smith is the best in all of Shadow. However, finding him is an arduous task, and once found, he demands payment not in gold or gems, but all manneer of toils. But the results are worth it, no finer artificer is to be found."


Priest of the Church of the Unicorn - English

Chaos Connections - Relative

Member of the Amber Intelligence Agency - Yankee

Captain of the Castle Guard - English

Officer in the Army - 2 unit Vickery

Officer in the Navy - 2 unit Vickery

Golden Circle Diplomat - 2 unit Vickery








Manual Laborer

Skilled Laborer