Hajime Saitoh

 177-Point Amberite Cop/Secret? Agent/What?-have-you.

 WAR: 35.5
 --Tactics: 36
 --Weaponskills: 35
 PSY: 13
 --Psychic Finesse: 16
 --Psychic Power: 10
 END: 11
 --Physical Endurance: 12
 --Mental Endurance: 10
 STR: 14
 --Physical Strength: 15
 --Martial Arts: 14

 Pattern (50)
 --Imprint (15)
 --Shadow Walk (5)
 --Hellride (5)
 --Shadow short Cut (5) *
 --Manipulate Probablity (5)
 --Summon the Sign (5)
 --Pattern Defence (5)
 --Pattern Sight (5)

 * Character does not have access to Shadow of Desire at this time, 
 so Shadow Short cut is inactive; it will kick in once Shadow of Desire 
 is purchased.

 Katana (4-pt Deadly Damage)
 Werewindle (16-pt Patternblade)
 Stealth Tooth (17-pt Psychic Neutral Transferred.)

 Notable Skills: The Gatotsu, Panache, Intelligence Analysis, 
 Amber History, Amber Relations, Spywork, Small Unit Tactics, 
 Bodyguarding, Leadership,  Patternblade Use, Siegecraft, 
 Military Procedure, Knifework, Sailing, Navigation, Police Procedure, 
 Non-Lethal Subdual, Diplomacy, Music Theory, Violin Playing, History. 

 +5 Benedict
 +3 Vialle
 +1 Bleys
 +1 Corwin
 -1 Random

 5 points worth of Connections in Chaos. (2nd Rank.)

Good Stuff: Two points.

 I may call on the Amber Intelligence Agency to give me support 
 in matters that threaten Amber's security.

 While in Amber, I may call on a squad of Guardsmen for assistance.

 Anywhere on land in the Golden Circle, I may call on a squad of 
 army grunts for assistance.

 Anywhere at sea or in ports in the Golden Circle, I may call on a 
 squad of naval marines for assistance.

 I know the location of a sizable cache of pirate booty.