Lee Recca

 100 points
 a) 85: 15 to Campaigning with Gerard
 b) 70: 15 to Corwin's Pattern
 c) 65: 5 to Flora's Attache
 d) 59: 6 to Campaigning with Bleys
 e) 44: 17 -> 15 to Llewella's Rescuer
 f) 39: 5 to Chaos Connections
 g) 23: 16 to Priest of the Unicorn
 h) 21: 2 to Officer in the Army
 i) 20: 1 to Soldier
 j) 18: 2 to Lawyer
 k) 13: 5 to Mystic
 l) 11: 2 to Manual Labor
 +20 from contribs
 31 points remaining

 a) Campaigning with Gerard
 Stats:  +8 to Weapon Skills, +10 to Martial Arts, +6 to Physical 
 	Strength, +1 Endurance
 Skills: Sailing, Shipboard Combat
 Powers: 5 points of basic Pattern powers.
 Allies: +5 Gerard's Favor, +2 Caine's Favor, -1 Llewella's Favor
  End: equal split

 b) Corwin's Pattern
 Stats:  +15 Endurance, +8 Weapon Skills, +4 Psychic Power
 Skills: Epic Storytelling
 Powers: 5 points of Basic Pattern powers.  10 points of any Advanced Pattern 
 	skills.  Permission to walk Corwin's Pattern, which costs 10 points 
 	and enables you to walk through the unique Shadows around it, as well
 	as the normal benefits of a Pattern Imprint.
 Info:   How to locate and approach Corwin's Pattern.
 Allies: +4 Corwin's Favor, -2 Fiona's Favor
  End: equal split

 c) Flora's Attache
 Stats:  +6 to Warfare, +6 to Endurance, +2 Mental Endurance
 Skills: Diplomacy, Trading Negations, Schmoozing, Etiquette
 Allies: +3 Flora's Favor, +2 GC allies.
  War: equal split
  End: all to Phys E

 d) Campaigning with Bleys
 Stats:  +5 Psyche, +5 Warfare, +4 Endurance, +3 Strength
 Skills: Panache
 Powers: 10 points in your choice of Magick, Advanced Pattern, or
 	Trump powers.  Access to your choice of any 2 powers in
 	Magick or Advanced Pattern.  5 points of Basic Pattern powers.
 Allies: +2 Bleys' Favor
 Special:  If you have, or take, Power Words, you may Sacrifice 
 	upto 10 points of Mental Endurance to gain upto 5 Power
 	Words, at a rate of 2 points of Mental Endurance per Power
  Psy: equal split
  War: equal split
  End: equal split
  Str: all to Phys S

 e) Llewella's Rescuer
 Stats:  +5 Warfare, +12 Martial Arts, +5 Endurance
 Special: Moire has granted you the right to walk the Rebma Pattern
 	anytime you wish, as thanks for your service.
 Allies: +8 Llewella's Favor, +6 Moire's and Vialle's Favor, +4 Rebma 
 	and Random's favor.
  War: Equal split
  End: All to Phys E

 f) Chaos connections--nada.

 g) Priest of the Unicorn
 Stats:  +6 Psyche, +4 Mental Endurance, +4 Tactics
 Skills: Theology, Church Lore, Public Speaking
 Items:  Holy Vestements with 2pt Armor and 2pt conferable healing
 Allies: +1 Gerard's Favor, +1 Random's Favor, +2 general Amber favor
 Special: As Priest of the Unicorn, it's much more likely your prayers
 	will be heard by the Unicorn, and it will appear.  Just remember
 	it's a being of power, and not used to being interrupted for
 	trivial reasons.
  Psy: equal split

 h) Officer in the Army
 Stats:  +6 Warfare, +2 Weapon Skills, +1 Endurance, +2 Strength
 Skills: Small Unit Tactics, Weapon of Choice Specialty, Siegecraft, Leadership
 Allies: +1 Benedict's Favor
 Special:  During the game, anywhere on land in the Golden Circle you may 
 	call on a squad of Army grunts to assist you.
  War: Equal split
  End: Equal split
  Str: All to MA

 i) Soldier
 Stats:  +6 Weaponskills, +1 Tactics, +1 Endurance, +1 Strength
 Skills: Military Procedure, choice of one notable weapon skill
 Special: Take a wound.  Move upto 5 points from Weaponskill or
 	Physical Endurance to Mental Endurance.
  End: Equal split
  Str: Equal split

 j) Lawyer
 Stats:  +1 Psyche Power, +6 Psyche Finesse, +1 Mental Endurance
 Skills: Law, Rhetoric, plus choice of 2 related skills

 k) Mystic
 Stats: +3 Mental Power, +1 Mental Finesse
 Skills: Prophecy Interpretation, Choice of one prophetic skill such
 	as palmistry, phreonology, etc.
 Powers: Access to basic level Magick powers.
 Special: Once during the campaign, you may ask the GM one and only
 	one yes-or-no question, which they will answer honestly
 	to the best of their ability.

 l) Manual Laborer
 Stats: +5 Physical Strength, +3 Martial Arts, +3 Endurance
 Skills: Choice of one appropriate skill
 Special: Concussions: Trade up to 4 from Psyche Finesse or Psyche Power
 	to Physical Endurance or Physical Strength.
  End: All to Phys E

  Gerard +6, Caine +2, Llewella +7, Corwin +4, Fiona -2, Flora +3, GC +2
  Bleys +2, Moire +6, Vialle +6, Rebma +4, Random +5, Amber +2, Benedict +1

 Initial stats:
 Psyche--  Power: 15  Finesse: 18
 Warfare--  Weapons: 46  Tactics: 27
 Strength--  Martial Arts: 30  Phys S: 18
 Endurance--  Phys E: 50  Mental E: 29

 10 point shift...20 from WS (26), 10 to Martial Arts (40), 10 to Physical
 Strength (28)

 Warfare--  Weapons: 26  Tactics: 27  Total: 26.5
 Strength--  Martial Arts: 40  Phys S: 28  Total: 34


  15 Basic Pattern
  10 Advanced Pattern
  10 Magic

 From leftover pool (31):
 5 to Shadowwalking, 5 to Hellriding, 5 to Manipulate Probability, 5 to
 Summon Sign (20)
 3 to spell racking
 4 point damage, 2 point spell rack tessen (6)
 29 points

 2 points good stuff