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What's a wiki? It's a free anybody-can-edit web site. Anybody, even you (yes, you) can add text to pages, edit pages, even create new pages. Pick a topic (or invent one), go to the topic page, click on the edit link [Edit text of this page] at the bottom of the page, and you are an instant Web author. Click on [Recent Changes]? to see the latest entries.

This wiki (there are many others) is about eBooks, eBook technology, eBook writing, eBook marketing, eBook etc. The [Table of Contents]? lists subjects and rough topology of the site.

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How can a wiki work at all? Here are some thoughts, from well-established wikis --

This wiki, put up by [Jerry Muelver]? runs on the Cliff Adams UseMod software from The inspiration for this wiki is the [Meatball Wiki] edited by [Sunir Shah].

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