Personal Artifacts and Creatures

The cost of an item in points is simply the sum of all of its properties. 

If you want to buy many of a single kind of object, you can use the quantity multipliers to calculate the appropriate cost.

Examples of Item Construction

Ryo wants a powerful gun.  He spends 4 points and buys the 'Deadly Damage' property for it.

Hikaru wants a weapon she can take anywhere, which can change shape to match the shadow she's in and the technology of that shadow. She buys the following properties for her weapon:

Her weapon can change shape into many sorts of weapons, and manufacture its own ammunition when it's a gun (mold shadow stuff).  It does double damge and only cost her seven points.

Fred spent too many points and can't afford Pattern.  He decides he wants a van he can cruise around shadow in.  He also wants it to shapeshift so it can take on an appropriate form in shadows where cars don't work--a horse.  That works just about everywhere.  * Seek in Shadow (conveyed on its weilder, since it hasn't got enough mind to use the power itself): 14

The total cost is 21 points.  Fairly hefty, but now he doesn't have to hitch rides with people.

Quincy decides to create a squad of 12 guardian golems for his fortress.

The total cost is 28.  He has 12, so that costs *2 on the quantity multiplier table, which means a total cost of 56.  If he wanted a horde of them, he could spend 84 points.

Acquiring Items

Seeking Items in Shadow

In addition to buying items with points, you can also seek them in shadow using Pattern or Logrus.  It takes about one day per point using the Pattern, and about 4 hours per point using Logrus tendrils.

Conjuring Items

In addition to buying items with points or seeking them in shadow, you can conjure or empower them if you have the Conjuration power. Conjured items are fragile, however. Normal conjuration can imbue up to 4 point properties, advanced does 8, and exalted does 16.  

Basic Conjuration

The object takes one minute per point to build, but it will fade away after a while (several days out in Shadow, less time near Pattern, more time near Chaos). It also instantly vanishes if moved across Shadow. Such items can only be created where Shadow is malleable; this will not work in Amber and is difficult in the Golden Circle. On the other hand, Chaos Shadow is highly magically charged and easy to manipulate. An object can be temporarily implanted with magical power. Attunement takes an hour, and each point of power adds ten minutes. The power lasts ten times as long as a simple Conjured Shadow Shape would, but it also fades when moved across Shadow.

Conjure Shadow Shape

You can create flimsy items that can't survive leaving the shadow of their creation very easily--1 minute per point.

True Conjuration

This is a permanent magical effect.  If the Conjurer has the potential or ability to mold Shadow, it lasts even through Shadow travel.  The effect can either be an Empowerment or a Complex Conjuration, and it takes ten times as long to cast.  It is still vulnerable to dispelling.

Item Qualities

Item Powers

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