James Garnett, Ex-CIA Agent

Cosm of Origin: Core Earth Resident.

Quote: "I just love being kicked in the ass, don't you?"

James was part of a competent field operative team for the CIA, handling the technical end of the work while his partner Bolivar bashed people in the head and kept people off his back. Unfortunately, their last mission, an attempt to destroy a terrorist cell in the Sudan, went astray when the terrorists captured James and were forced to kill Bolivar.

And then the Nile Empire invaded...

A pathfinder team of Egyptian Stormtroopers discovered the terrorist cell and freed James; after some soul-searching, he decided the leader of this team was a decent person, and joined forces with them to utterly annihilate the cell. They parted on reasonably good terms -- and then James returned to base and found out the Big Picture.

His superiors were left with ambivalent feelings, especially with the changes wrought in the Administration by the Living Land's invasion. James completed his mission in good form, and the terrorists were scum... however, they were our scum, and could have done considerable damage to the invading Nile forces. In the end, they dumped James to wash their hands of the problem, though he did retain a number of friends among the rank-and-file and mid-level executives; he can sometimes call on them for favors and information, and they looked the other way when he failed to check in his field kit after that last mission.

Naturally, this all made him a very attractive target when KRISIS went recruiting, and James signed on with them after some rather ambivalent feelings on his own part. He is still very much a patriot, hates the Living Land for what it's done to his country, and wants to fight to roll them back; if he were offered his old job back, he'd probably take it back in a heartbeat. Though not without some misgivings -- his experience did not inspire him with the greatest confidence in his superiors, and he is very disturbed by some rumors he's heard about what the Delphi Council is up to...

James is about 5'9", with reddish-brown hair and a rather square-cut face, build lean and looking of fairly average strength; he sometimes gets compared to Roger Moore in Moore's Bond days, which rather annoys him for obvious reasons. He's a decent shot with a pistol and at least isn't likely to fall down in the first few moments of a fistfight, but his strengths aren't really in combat. He can do a little bit of just about everything, so long as it's not some strange trick brought along by one of the invading cosms, and is noted for an almost godlike skill with surveillance devices and other tricks of the espionage trade; he's no slouch at hacking either, or at interpreting the information he gathers by these methods.