Alan Harnum

Pattern-Author of Amber

"My latest novel addresses universal themes of humanity, explores complex mysteries of cosmology without being arrogant enough to claim to offer definitive answers, wrestles with difficult and ambiguous moral questions of duty and responsibility, experiments innovatively with the very boundaries of our language and the nature of writing and authorship, and has fucking."

Alan's Trump

"He lounged amiably in a massive easy chair in a comfortable book-lined study, surrounded on all sides by precarious towers of reading material. He appeared to be using the largest of the towers as a table, as a vast inkwell and an equally vast wheel of Stilton rested upon the topmost tome. He was tall and solidly built, but did not look a warrior, and his face was broad and smiling, with a neatly- trimmed copper-coloured beard and short hair of a slightly lighter shade. A great quill pen was in his right hand, raised in preparation to write in the heavy leatherbound book held open in his left; oddly, I could see that there were already words upon the page, written right to left from the bottom up. He wore black slacks and a white shirt and a sky-blue tie with tiny winged books upon it. Beyond the high arched windows of the study, schools of fish and flocks of birds passed by."

Traits and Aptitudes

Alan, to everyone's vast lack of surprise, has the most powerful brain in Amber. Well, close; Merc is his equal in sheer strength, but Alan edges ahead in psychic skill. He is also the puny man of Amber, having barely more strength and unarmed skill than Joe Amberite. His weapons abilities are next to nonexistant, barely above an Amberite pastry chef's. (No, not Kuonji.) He is, however, exceedingly tough, only slightly below Andrew in physical endurance and with a will equal to his, if far below Sean and Mike, and somewhat below Dan. Finally, he vies with Dan as the tactical genius of the family below the lofty heights of David.

Alan is a master of Pattern, although not even near the all-encompassing mastery of Rod. Still, he has plumbed the upper levels, and combined with his psyche can warp Shadow like playdoh.

King John has appointed Alan as head of Amber's Diplomatic Service, and is frequently the face of the kingdom's negotiations. He has had a fair amount of success in this so far.

Alan is a bit of a polarizing influence at court; many of the nobles and promenient citizens of Amber see him as a cross between Locke, Voltaire, FDR, and Jimmy Carter. Many of the rest hate his guts. He has advocated restricting the Special Operations Executive's powers, and has been involved in civic representation for Amber. And his novels have amazing fucking.

Alan occasionally makes jaunts off into Shadow, usually accompanied by several bodyguards. He frequently recruits Merc to come along on missions where he feels he may be exposed to danger. He can be found in Amber the rest of the time.

Alan, with Dan, was one of the early proponents of the Great Castle Hunt. He continues to try and find out what happened to the old universe, being somewhat skeptical of the Rod Theory.

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