Andrew Huang

Pure Young Prince of Amber

"John? Tell me, how am I supposed to preach on fidelity and morality when the smegging King of smegging Amber has his own smegging harem?"

Andrew's Trump

"The card depicted someone standing in front of the altar in the Chapel of the Unicorn. He was a young looking man--heavens knew what he was doing with that wooden walking stick in his right hand--seemingly just barely no longer a boy. However, the light in his eyes, visible through the lenses of his glasses, hinted that he was in fact a bit older than a mere teenager. His black hair was slightly messy, his lips quirked a bit upward in a half-smile. He wore a robe indicating his position as a cleric of the Unicorn, though it was undone to reveal a slender frame clad in a stylish dark blue shirt and black pants. The belt buckle bore his sigil, a goblet pouring out water (or possibly wine). Clipped to his pants pocket were a few electronic gadgets that were useless in Amber but likely useful indeed in high technology shadows that he must no doubt frequent."

Traits and Aptitudes

Andrew is either well rounded or fifth-best in everything, depending on how you look at it. His mind is in the high end of the great family average, and he's respectably strong physically. He's the best family martial artist who isn't Dan or Mike, both of whom can crush him easily. He is one of the tougher family members, though, capable of taking a mental or physical pounding with equal fortitude, if nowhere near Mike and Sean in will or Mike in physical hardiness. He's a respectable swordsman although not one of the family champions, on a level with Rod and Sean, and about a match for Bremer or Sean in tactical ability.

Andrew has taken the Pattern at the normal basic levels. He is a master sorcerer, on a par with King John, and is the family's undisputed Power Word Man, with a syllable for every occasion. This has made him rather valuable, as sorcery isn't the most common family talent.

He bears the katana Masamune, the Patternblade of Wood, which allows him to blip all over creation. He's quite fond of it, although he doesn't actually fight with it very often.

King John appointed Andrew as Priest of the Unicorn, which he carries out with skill. He has also teamed up with Travis and Bremer in an ambitious effort to 'wire' Amber and create a sort of Internet for the universe. Only one part of the castle has blown up because of this.

Andrew heads a game company on a Shadow of Earth, the ressurrected SNK. Rod and David are known to vastly enjoy the fruits of his labor.

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