Chris Bremer

Bane of the French

"Who, me?"

His Trump

"The card showed a man standing on a hill, leaning on a metal staff, and smiling at the viewer. He was somewhat heavyset, with short dark hair. and dark glasses hiding his eyes. He was dressed in a grey trenchcoat, worn open over black shirt and black jeans. He seemed harmless, full of goodwill for his fellow man ... with the possible exception of the French, as half hidden under a nearby shrub was a burned French flag."

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Bremer is Amber's Trump Master, practically the only person in the family with any ability in the art at all beyond rudimentary sensory powers. Trump is his bitch. This had markedly increased the paranoia level of many people, although it has proven quite an asset to King John and the realm.

Bremer's mind is not the most powerful in the family, being around on a level with most of the siblings. It's not exactly weak, though. He is equally average in strength and martial arts. He is a good enough swordsman to beat Andrew and Rod, although Phil and Travis both tend to defeat him in turn, and is a match for Drew and Sean in tactical ability - far better than Joe Amberite, but not a giant of the family. His will and endurance are slightly stronger than the low rank of the family, but not by much.

Bremer was appointed as head of the Amber Special Operations Executive, which is the polite term for 'Trump Spying Agency'. He also oversees Amber Trump and Telegraph. He and Dan alternatively scheme against Amber's enemies together, and scheme to improve their own baliwicks in competition. Bremer has been forbidden to spy on family members without permission from the King, although he claims that the notion would be foreign to him anyway.

In addition to his trump abilities, Bremer is an initiate of the Pattern with an emphasis on rapid travel. He carries a potent shapeshifting staff which he refers to as a 'multitool'.

Bremer is an amiable fellow who enjoys nuking Paris. He claims to have not known Mike was in Paris #34 at the time, in an incident which established that Mike could indeed take a nuclear weapon without passing out. He has since been more careful.

Bremer can usually be found in the Telegraph Tower fiddling with trump devices.