Dan Root

Sneaky Git

"Mmm. Interesting. That fits with what I expected."

His Trump

"The man, of medium height and a solid brawler's build, stood bent over a large wooden table, chair pushed impatiently out of the way. Long red-brown hair, a shade darker than his well trimmed beard, was pulled away from his face with a simple leather strap. Eyes of blued steel focussed with great intensity on the chart adorned with dozens of crabhanded scrawls that covered a sizable fraction of the table's surface. His black pants were well worn, and a roughly cut, long blue tunic emblazoned with a white sword peircing a globe was loosely belted about the waist to keep out the chill of the room."

Traits and Aptitudes

Dan is the family's master of the martial arts; only Mike approaches him in skill, and freely admits that Dan is well beyond him in the art. Despite this, Mike tends to beat Dan into the ground based on sheer strength and toughness when they spar. Dan is also one of the tactical geniuses of the family, on a par with Alan if well beneath the undefeatable saavy of David. His mind is as quick as the family average, if somewhat behind in power, and his will and endurance both come out on the high end of the royals. He vies with Merc for the strongest physically other than Mike. He is singularly unimpressive with a blade or gun.

Dan has delved into the arts of Pattern, picking up many of the Advanced skills, and has a potent demonform which he uses for combat. He is able to somehow destroy magics with a punch. He has expressed interest in improving in both areas, and he and Mike both work at improving their unarmed ability even higher.

As the head of Amber's intelligence service, Dan has proven initially very efficient. Possibly too efficient, based on complaints and people suddenly combusting into flame. He is known to have been a major factor behind the Great Castle Hunt of the first year.

Dan travels in Shadow every so often, though not as extensively as some and usually with a specific purpose in mind. He is known to be quite irritated over a seeming inability to find certain things which should be easily findable, and a little suspicious.

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