David Tai

Great Sage Equal of Amber

"Patience is an excuse to waste time."

His Trump

"A medium-built bespectacled man, of Asian descent, stood in a well-stocked Victorian-style library with Asian paintings and modern lighting. A chart, indeterminate to the view, was mounted behind the young man, adorned with small pins and papers scattered through various regions. The young man was dressed simply, in a button-up shirt and a pair of slacks, and he skimmed through a book and scowled slightly as he looked up towards the artist, as though displeased at being disturbed over trivialities."

Traits and Aptitudes

David has revealed himself as the family's Drake, this universe's Benedict. On the field of battle, he reigns supreme, crushing all who oppose him with his masterful strategy and piercing insights. He won King John's wargames easily, trouncing Dan, Alan, Mike, and Merc badly. He also is the finest swordsman of Amber, tending to beat Merc down when they spar.

Aside from this, David is otherwise unremarkable. He has the usual basic levels of Pattern, a fairly potent mind on the high end of the family average and a mediocre will and endurance for the family. He is not very strong, about on a par with John, though better than Rod and Alan.

He bears the Patternblade of Water, the katana Tsunami, which shapeshifts to be any of the many weapons David might wish. The combination of blade and skill makes him nigh-undefeatable in battle. He also leads APE, the Amber Partisan Executive, a cadre of elite...well... monkeys skilled in gorilla warfare which serves as the Green Berets of Amber, from a secret base in Shadow.

David was appointed Marshal of Amber for, well, obvious reasons. He regards it as a full-time job and may be one of the hardest-working of the Princes. He can usually be fond in Amber or in the field, although Rod and Andrew will occasionally shanghai him off on a weeklong videogame orgy of Andrew's new products, partly to keep him from burnout.

David is still spastic beyond mortal ken.