John Biles

Historian-King of Amber

I just hope not to end up like the most famous King John...

What's it like to be king? Ever tried herding cats?

His Trump

Some Princes of Amber grab one's attention. Others are just sort of there, and so it was with him, standing there nervously as if wondering how he got there, not very distinctive in his ash-blonde hair, hazel eyes, or the gold rimmed glasses. Medium in height, he dressed in simple green and blue loose-cut clothing with a staff held in one hand and a book clutched in the other like a lifeline. Behind him, the ground sloped downwards to a great city, which he seemed to have been observing before the portrait was taken. A notebook lay on the ground nearby, full of historical scribblings. I almost wondered if the trump of him had been done by mistake.

Traits and Aptitudes

John was promptly elected King John by general family consensus, although at Alan's urging a 'Magna Carta' was drawn up limiting his power in areas and giving the Princes certain rights only removable by a jury of Princes, not by Royal decree. A new King is elected if nine of the original Princes of Amber declare No Confidence.

The new King has the fourth-strongest mind in the family, only slightly behind Rod, and edging ahead of the broad family average. He is about as strong as David, the same in unarmed fighting, making him unspectacular but not exceptionally weak by family standards. He joins Merc, Phil, David, and Rod on the lower edge of the family's physical and mental endurance chain, although he is significantly better than Joe Amberite. He is an extremely unimpressive swordsman, only superior to Alan and the two unarmed specialists, and every other member of the Royal house can crush him in tactical contests, generally like a bug.

John does, however, possess a broad range of skills. He is one of the family's Pattern experts, coming in only behind Alan and Rod in this field. He is a skilled shapeshifter, though not so good as Sean. Finally, he and Andrew are the two top mages of the family; John wields potent advanced Pattern magics.

He carries a powerful, shapeshifting branch of Yig called Celebereg, which strikes as an enormously potent weapon, shapeshifts, and does other potent things.

As King, John has tried to ride herd on the family egomaniacs and loons (ie, everyone) and get the kingdom into some sort of decent shape. There have been easier tasks, and he oversees it with a sort of testy patience. While most of his time is spent on affairs of state, he will occasionally appoint a regent and ride off into Shadow with Mike and Travis to track down Barbecue of Desire and generally unwind. It is suspected that he will soon take a somewhat longer vacation and be gone for some months.

To the amusement and/or exasperation of the family, John collected himself a harem, which he frequently has massive guilt trips over but never seems to do anything about. Sean enjoys impersonating them at odd times, which has made everyone (especially John) a little paranoid.

King John is generally popular in the city and at court, although visiting monarchs occasionally mistake him for the whipping boy, court jester, the cook, etc with awkward results.

His Stats

His Powers

His Items

Celebereg ('Noble Thorn'): 25

Celebereg is a branch from Yig, able to reshape itself into a variety of useful forms, so long as they are things which can be made from organics.

Good Stuff: 5

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