Philip Moyer

Explorer and Chronicler of Shadow

"Well. Okay. THIS is bound to be interesting. Let's see what's out there, shall we...?"

[Philip's Trump]

"The man sat in a large straight-backed chair, his rangy frame strewn across it, his torso slouched to his right while his left leg streched out to the side, giving the impression of one who constantly could not find a suitably-sized seat no matter how hard he tried. His clothes were dark, well-worn and loose fitting; jeans and a t-shirt partially hidden by a dark blue jacket were the order of the day. The shirt itself bore a red, black, and orange firey slash across the front as well as RUSH VAPOR TRAILS TOUR 2002 emblazoned along the flames, and the jacket bore several pins, including a red cloisenne pin in the shape of a turtle's shell that was positioned prominently over his heart. His right hand was raised and curled under the van-dyke beard that graced his chin, and a moustache only helped outline the upward curve of his smile. His dark eyes looked curiously out from behind thick-framed glasses and underneath a unkempt thatch of brown hair, ineffectively styled. At his feet, resting against the sides of the chair, were a well-worn blue backpack and sketching materials. A pencil sketch of a woman with flowing hair could barely be seen in one of the open sketchbooks -- and a silvery cylinder hung against his left hip."

Traits and Aptitudes

Much like Andrew, Phil is either well-rounded or fifth-best at everything depending on how you look at it. His mind is comfortably in the center of the family average, strong but not exceptional. His physical strength is the same, although his unarmed ability trails it. He joins Merc, John, David, and Rod on the lower edge of the family's physical and mental endurance chain, although he is significantly better than Joe Amberite. He is a skillful fighter, slightly better than Travis with a weapon or an army, placing him as the third best armed and fifth best with armies.

Phil is an advanced initiate of the Pattern and has delved into many of the higher arts, particularly those focusing on detection. He is also a very potent sorcerer, close to Droo and John, and has an array of Power Words. To the surprise of practically everyone, he is not a trump artist.

He carries the Patternblade of Fire, Tenmou Kouen Kenjou, which everyone including Phil just calls Avenger to save breath. Rather appropriately, it seems to be a lightsaber. Phil uses it and a turtle pin to enhance and speed his spellcasting, making him exceptionally formidable in this area.

Phil has embarked on a long series of journeys, exploring Shadow. He has tried to catalog all of the Flawed and Broken Patterns, although he still has a way to go in that regard, and tries to seek out things of interest to the family. In the process he seems to pick up ten million Shadow friends, some of which make trips back to Amber with him. This inadvertently led to The Night The Furries Died, which makes everyone involved twitch when mentioned.

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