Rod M

Viking Lord of Amber

"Mmm... no."

His Trump

"He sat in a darkened office, mahogany furniture and wood paneled walls around him. A fireplace burned in the background, with a large viking hat hung upon the mantle. The silhouette of large piles of unknown somethings were laid about the room, made up of various knicknacks. The man himself was a somewhat large man, dressed in a dark suit. It was clear that despite his surroundings he wasn't a very serious man, as his tie was undone as was the first few buttons of his shirt, and his feet were propped up upon his desk. His hair was short, combed, but a little greasy, and his eyes were flat and full of the opposite of energy. He had a tired word-weariness in his eyes that spoke of a great need for a vacation."

Traits and Aptitudes

To the vast surprise of everyone and the vast horror of some, Rod Malapitan seems to have drawn the Pattern. At least, he was found asleep in the center of it the day after Halloween, has vague memories of getting drunk and liberating a red gem from his boss's office, and drawing a glowy squiggle while Alucard cheered him on from the sidelines. Also, Rod seems to be able to make the Pattern roll over, do tricks, and sit up and beg.

Certain people have argued the Rod-Is-The-Creator theory, pointing out that there are fewer lesbians than one would expect to see in a Rod Universe, and noting that short haired waiflike Asian women only make up 2% of Amber's population. It is indisputable, however, that Rod is the family master of Pattern.

Rod has a powerful mind. While he lacks the raw strength and general finesse of Alan and Merc, he is still superior to the rest of the family, and possesses such skill with the Pattern as to render the psyche advantage of those two meaningless in that realm. He is a decent if not spectacular swordsman and a mediocre tactician, though capable of crushing Joe Amberite in both areas; the same can be said of his physical and mental stamina. The average dockworker in Amber can beat him in armwrestling, though, and an army of 100 Rod Clones wouldn't be able to defeat Dan in martial arts.

Rod has a tendancy to go raiding. This has caused some mild trouble with certain neighbors of Amber, especially since Rod does not actually bother to fight them, but merely turns any who oppose him into waiflike Asian lesbians by looking at them. Most of the time he simply hangs around Amber looking stressed and grimly relaxing as much as possible.

Rod rivals and even passes Mike in the paranoia department, and has a tendancy to scan for incoming threats with Pattern radar every few minutes. Rumor is he's taught himself to do it in his sleep, too.

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