Travis Butler

Daft Reader-Prince of Amber

"Hmmmm... Interesting."


He sprawled comfortably on a couch that was obviously chosen more for comfort than for looks. A laptop sat open on the couch next to him, the backlight picking out the details of the Jayhawk image on his shirt. He grinned up at the viewer from under a mob of curly brown hair, a twinkle in his eye, though his black beard was already showing threads of silver. Though his pose was casual, something in his posture hinted that he could spring off the couch in a second if he had to. Though this undoubtedly would annoy the tortiseshell cat lying across his shoulders, face turned curiously towards the viewer. A tall, unstable stack of books sat on the other end of the couch, and untidy piles of them seemed to occupy all available space in the background.

Traits and Aptitudes

Travis is in the great median of the family at most things. Like Andrew, his mind is in the high part of the bulk of the family. His physical strength and unarmed ability are also comfortably in the middle, and his endurance and will, though less than Alan's, are above the low end of the family. He is the fourth-best weapons man in the family, able to fight Phil on fairly even terms in practice matches, and is a skilled strategist, slightly below Phil again.

Travis is a high-level initiate of the Pattern, although somewhat below Alan and King John. He is also a conjurer par excellence, able to create extremely potent devices and gadgets. He does this fairly incessantly.

Although he has no formal office, Travis tends to do as much work as any of the Princes, mostly puttering around Castle Amber testing things and demonstrating his latest discovery. He has been collaborating with Bremer and Andrew to 'wire' the castle, which has had decidedly mixed results so far. He has devised a laptop which works just about anywhere, although the bugs aren't quite out of it, and has been long trying to create a sort of PatternGoogle?...

His cat, Snickers, once chased Alan through Shadow for half an hour before giving up and coming home to sulk.

Travis can generally be found in the part of the library be has settled into; or, as the rest of the family refers to it as, 'the no-go zone'. He also has a base out in Shadow of some sort.