Nine Princes In Kyoto

Post-Game Major NPC Cast

Shogunate Supporters

Seta Soujiro, Captain of the First Troop of the Shinsengumi (Deceased)

Even Soujiro's great skills were unable to save him when the Bear, avatar of Hokkaido's Pattern, burst forth from the headquarters of the First Troop. The best thing that can be said about his end is that it was swift.

Saitoh Hajime, Captain of the Third Troop of the Shinsengumi

The poison-weakened Saitoh was beaten down by Bishou and Katsura near the end of the final battle, as the Ishin forces took control of Kyoto. He was imprisoned, then later recruited by the Ishin for the security forces of the new government.

Anji, High Priest of the Kirin

After having worked with the kami Susanowo to summon the Guardian of Kyoto, Gojira, to battle the Bear, Anji chose to stay on as the High Priest under the new Ishin government.

Tomoe, Minister of the Arcane (Deceased)

Like Soujiro, Tomoe died when the Bear exploded out of the headquarters of the First Troop. Then again, she supposedly died once before...

Shinomori Aoshi, Former Leader of the Oniwa Banshu (Deceased)

Aoshi was killed by Bishou in the final battle. His giant chia pet saw a lot of use after his death, though.

Ishin Supporters

Himura Kenshin, Former Ishin Hitokiri, Current Rurouni

Kenshin stayed in Kyoto while the other Ishin went off to kill people after the rising of the Bear. He probably did something like saving widows and orphans from rampaging xenofungus. Puss.

Shishio Makoto, Former Ishin Hitokiri, Former Superfreak (Deceased)

After being beat down and burned by Enishi, Shishio died when Shigeru's dying spikard-backed AKIRA!!! spell blasted him to ash. It was a pretty lousy day for him, all told.

Komagata Yumi, Ishin Sorceress (Deceased)

Yumi died messily when her flying spell cut out during the assault by herself, the Presidents and Bishou upon the chia pet. The spikard she had acquired from Shigeru would have saved her if magic had been working--unfortunately, it wasn't.

Sagara Sanosuke, Ishin Gangster

Sanosuke's biggest accomplishment was to beat the Savage Jungle Drums, causing the sunken continent of Assyria to rise from the ocean and attack Kyoto. Bitch.

Takani Megumi, Ishin Sage

Megumi spent the final battle sitting in the middle of Kyoto's Pattern with Anji in case it was attacked. It wasn't, amazingly enough.