Nine Princes In Kyoto

Post-Game PC Cast

Shogunate Supporters

Tetsu Ninjin, Captain of the Second Shinsengumi Troop (Andrew Huang)

Go-Miyakumitenzaemonko-no-kami, aka Genvieve Baker, Empress of Nihon (Trisha Sebastian)

Shigeru Konae, Kyoto Rake (Sean Gaffney)

Kousai Kosui, Captain of the Fourth Shinsengumi Troop (Dan Root)

Revealed to be the incarnation of Inari, the Rice God(ess), Kosui didn't really hit her stride until she hooked up with Ninjin just as the Giant Mutant Prophecy Bear started to ravage Kyoto and then took over Aoshi's giant Chia in a mass-mind collective. Ch-ch-ch-chia!

Ishin Supporters

Nin Bishou, Ishin Swishy (Alan Harnum)

A role model for effeminate men everywhere, Bish proved that just because you're a sissy doesn't mean you have to be a wimp. He got to fluff pillows for Shishio, had his life defended from evil mutants by Soujiro and Saitoh, and flirted with a god. Oh, and he killed a few people, too.

Kogoro Katsura, Ishin Leader (Mercutio)

Masamichi "the Captain" Yamamoto, Egotistical Ishin Supporter (Travis Butler)

"Twilight" Suzuka, Ishin Hitokiri (Philip Moyer)

While the classy assassin didn't get a chance to demonstrate her l33t warfare skillz as much as her player wanted to, she did manage to put them to good use in keeping herself ALIVE. She kept Yamamoto from falling into the hands of the Empress, kidnapped Utena with the assistance of Megumi, and obtained the assistance of her sensei, Hiko Seijiro, in stopping the rampages of the giant Pattern Bear.

She also flew Zig-01. For great justice. And now has pretty decent control over the suddenly-expanded Hokkaido.

What other assassin can claim THAT?