Kuonji Ukyou says, "Sold! Phil is our cold, ruthless killer. o.o;;;;;"
Droo snickers.
Alan says, "So much for my plan to be Mister Weiss Kreuz... ;.;"
Philip-M says, "Hey, just because you kill people for a living doesn't mean you can't be polite..."
Trisha Lynn grins at Phil.
-- An unexpected twist in the bidding occurs for the position of the Ishin Hitokiri...

Bishou says, "o/~ Dear kindly Captain Carrot / The Ishin treat me rough / But that's the way I like it / I just can't get enough / I'm really terribly naughty / I'm sure that you agree / Goodness, gracious, won't you please spank me? o/~"
-- Alan demonstrates unexpected filking talent while giving Andrew one more reason to brutally maim him.

{Mike enters the living room while we're all watching anime...}
Mike -- "Hey, Alan, does Bish own a cat?"
Alan -- "Er...?"
Mike -- "Does Bish own a cat?"
Alan -- "Er, you know, I never really thought of that..."
-- What was it that Travis was planning in Pregame?

{Bish at the deathbed of the Shogun}
Alan (as Bish) -- "Thank you, sir, I'm proud to be the Official Imperial Faggot."

Merc -- I really shouldn't feed Bish straight lines.
Alan -- Oh, Bish really needs a straight man.
-- What Bish really needs

{Bish and Susanowo, wandering through the Imperial Palace with Lain in tow, come upon several Bakufu who don't seem inclined to let them go by unquestioned}
John (as Soujiro) -- "What are you doing?"
Alan (as Bish) -- "Wellllll... right now, I'm walking."
John -- Soujiro does the "brain death" thing for a moment at this.

Alan -- Has Shishio been bandaged yet? {Pause} I mean more.
-- Alan after Shishio gets BURNED again.

{Bish has just shot Saitoh through the knees to prevent him from gatotsu-ing Yamamoto}
John -- Yamamoto, two arms wrap around you from behind. It's Bish, and he's getting ready to trump the two of you out to somewhere.
Alan (as Bish) -- "Come with me if you want to live."

Philip (as Suzuka) -- "Sensei, I regret to call you at this late an hour, but there has been a development of some import that a giant bear has appeared in Kyoto and has gone on a giant rampage that I fear may threaten the Pattern."
Mike -- You witness something you never thought you'd see. You see Hiko-sensei looking totally panicked.
Philip -- Have I EVER seen Hiko act like this?
Mike -- Never in your life
Philip (as Suzuka) -- *twitch* *twitch* *twitch* *twitch*
{and later}
Travis (as Yamamoto) -- "Oh, and Hiko-sensei... I have something that I believe belongs to you..."
Mike -- Yamamoto hands Hiko what appears to be a misshapen clay pot. Hiko's eyes get as wide as saucers.
Mike (as Hiko) -- "ROSEBUD! You found it! Oh thank you, I'll do anything you ask!"
Philip (as Suzuka) -- *twitch* *twitch* *twitch* *twitch*
-- Suzuka's not taking the sudden odd behaviours of her sensei very well...

Andrew (as Ninjin) -- "OOOOOOOOHHH-HAAAAAAA!"
-- Using the Shout attack.

"Bishou, I could kiss you if I weren't so sure you'd take it in entirely the wrong way."
--Katsura's closing line.