Lord Lowen, master of House Helgram, once a suave and mighty warrior, now reduced to a demented, burnt, bandaged freak. While he's lost many of his abilities, he still retained nearly unbeatable skill in the art of killing, waging a campaign of madness with his twin logrusfoils at his side. A noted war hawk, he sought an heir to Swayvil to back, though sadly everyone who saw him approaching assumed he was just there to kill them, or maybe their dog.

Lord Lowen was noted for his dog-hating ways, which, as far as the public knows, began when he discovered the late King Swayvil was the one who tried to kill him with primal chaos. He responded to this by hunting down Swayvil's dog and practicing his Logrus Foil skills on it.

Lowen met his end at the coronation ceremony, felled by the nearly unbeatable assassin Mario. He leaves behind a legacy of dog-hating, Dancing Swayvil lines and using the body parts of others as weaponry.