Makoto, Romantic Iron Chef

"Hard at work in the kitchen, she wore an apron which proclaimed 'Kiss the Cook' in huge red letters over a green blouse and a knee-length green skirt. Half-a -dozen things cooked at once, as she stirred one pot with a spatula in her left hand, sliced carrots with a huge knife held in her other hand, and watched a third one simmer. A ring carved from a single block of jade, showing a turtle swallowing its own tail, glimmered on her right hand. Smoke rose everywhere, but it could not obscure her well muscled arms and legs, or her auburn hair, pulled back and tied into a long ponytail by a hairband and two small emerald spheres. She was enraptured in her work. Awards hung on the wall, along with two naginatas, a pick-axe, a double-bladed axe, three crossbows, and a chainsaw. There was a window next to the naginatas, through which one could see a forest; a potted fern sat in the window."