Midori Anko

Cosm of Origin: Aysle

Quote: My you sure are energetic. The ones like you die the fastest. After spilling out that red blood I love all over the place.

Slim, pretty, with a somewhat maniacal grin, Anko is typically clad in outfits that others might call daring. Mesh body suits and short skirts covered with a loose canvas jacket are typical. Anko's hair is long and jet black, and worn pinned up. Her eyes are flat storm gray. She's frequently festooned with throwing knives and other typical ninja paraphenial. She's quite fickle, going from blood thirsty to easy affability like someone flipping the lightswitch she no longer understands.

Anko was a pretty typical Japanese teenage girl. She had a cellphone that she used to call and message her friends, a closet full of trendy clothes, a bookshelf full of romance manga and her secret guilty vice, a few ninja action manga, subscriptions to all the latest magazines to keep up with important gossip and fashion news, and two fashionably overworked parents who mostly ignored her aside from giving her a healthy allowance. Any given day, Anko could be found at all the hottest parties and clubs, ruling over her segment of the social scene with a scary inborn talent. And the bridges of pure light dropped on Tokyo.

In the first massive wave of reality storms, Anko transformed. No longer could she even really remember what a cell phone was, let alone how to use it. Trendy clothes were discarded as too inflexible or too flimsy. In place of magazines and manga were ancient scrolls on pressure points and martial arts techniques. And her parents turned into creatures that couldn't even pretend to be human. Midori Anko had become something she'd secretly admired, a real, dyed-in-the-black-wool, ninja.

Her social grace may have disappeared, but Anko got something in return, a supernatural grace and inhuman dexterity, combined with an amazing knowledge of martial arts. In place of her ability to work a crowd, she'd instantly learned to work the mystical arts, in her own unique ninja-oriented way. Her moderately keen intellect and sharp instincts were retained, rehoned from watching the pulse of her social domain to heightened alertness of her environment. Unfortunately for her, the inhuman remains of her parents forced her to put all those talents to immediately use. Moments later it was over, and Midori Anko had become a Storm Knight.

Anko more or less fled Japan and the Aysle cosm after the fact, eventually resettling in the United States. Her new lack of understanding of modern society eventually left her short of funds and without any useful way to acquire them, short of stealing. Fortunately for her, her potential usefulness was recognized by a KRISIS member, and Kagura Shinobu hired her on.