"The woodcut was quite exquisite, yes, a triumph of my craft. It remained only to select the colors, for which I did not require the subject; I prided myself on my capacity there. For the hair, long and full, a light yet rich yellow color, and her large eyes were... hmm. Not jade green, but deeper. Ah, sea-green, the color of an ocean in the evening. Dilate the pupils slightly... perfect. The skin was creamy and unblemished, and I wondered what her secret was as I selected the proper blend of eggshell, ivory, and bone pigments to color it in. Her armor and travel-worn gear were scarce worth a thought; I had drawn the same jade breastplate and leatherware a thousand times and would a thousand more. The bow over her shoulder, though... tricky, as all such weapons were. I took partiuclar care with the swirls and worls of the fancifully-carved jade, which nearly looked as if it were still-living wood, and painstakingly placed the hearthstone within its correct mounting. As a final touch I added a bit of a sparkle to it, the ancient technique called 'lensu flare' for reasons unknown. ah, done.

I laid it aside on the drying window and picked up the next nobleman I would be adding color and life to today."

V'neef Misheel, youngest (exalted) sibling of V'neef Aliset, is cheerful, good-natured, and possessed of a love of good books and the outdoors. It is also said that the light in her eyes is the sun streaming in through the hole in the back of her head.

Misheel spends much of her time wandering the Threshold states and the Scavenger Lands; it is thought that that must be where she acquired the Hearthstone she bears and the manse that (presumably) goes with it; she is far to young and callow, and her associates of sufficient disrepute (though Peleps Forsis' star seems to be rising) to not warrant having been allowed to attune to any of the still-growing V'neef's Isle-based manses, to say nothing of being allowed to bear their hearthstones. She is a good shot with a bow, and is known to be able to wander aimlessly in the wild spaces of the world for months at a time and return in top condition. She has participated in a number of small battles in the Hundred Kingdoms region, though on which side and for what reasons remain unclear, and has acquired something of a reputation as a decent battle medic.

A fundamentally lazy person at heart, Misheel is easily distracted and flighty, although she's been known to straighten up and fly right whenever anything important comes along, which by her standards isn't very often. Her family does not quite know what to make of her; rumor is they are currently looking for a suitable match, hoping that marriage will settile her down a bit.