Kanako, Nanbara's twin sister, universally reffered to out of her hearing as 'the creepy one.' A strange girl, who shares her brothers predeliction for 'creative' use of Shapeshifting. She looks almost exactly like her mother, Motoko, did at her age, save for her hair and eyes.

Nanami Minor

Keiko and Ramon's youngest daughter. The spitting image of her grandmother, except with an extremely rough-and-tumble good nature similar to Ramons. And stronger. Much, stronger. Don't let her play with your dollies, because they tend to come apart. But it's by accident. Really.


Random's half-sister, the child of Jacqueline and the Logrus. Yes, the Logrus. She spends most of her time with her mother, which makes her decidedly... odd. Calls Jacqueline 'Daddy,' which sort of weirds people out.