Armed Forces

Field Marshal (Armed Forces): Haig-U-BRT-5

Short Bio:

Haig-U-BRT was decanted 58 yearcycles ago, making him one of BC's older citizens. He first achieved prominence during the BRT Sector Miner Riots. These were revealed to be the prelude to a Communist invasion; when fighting spilled into BRT Sector Creche #5, Haig-BRT-1 tipped over a dining table and used it as a barracade behind which he and his fellow Junior Citizens repelled the Communist attack using their lunches.
He was promoted to Red Clearance as a result at the age of 15, stunning many. He went on to serve with distinction in SAF sector, MDG sector, and FRT sector over the next 43 years. He is especially noted for his role in putting down the Rebellion of BOR sector 15 years ago. Four years ago, he was promoted to Ultraviolet Clearance after leading the defense of Fortress FRT against Deleted for Security Reasons. He has since served as Field Marshal of MRT sector, initiating the important MAGINOT project.



MTK Sector Armed Forces specialize in Naval Operations and Defense of Fortified Positions; Fortress MTK is also a naval base and fronts on MTK Ship Harbor.

Special Projects

Project Maginot: Armed Forces of MTK sector has been involved in a longterm project with GER sector, using NML sector as a testing ground; MTK forces have been trying to build the ultimate defensive line, while GER sector tests out attack methods. Currently, MTK has the upper hand. No, really.


Fortress MTK is a large military base controlled by Armed Forces. It is primarily an Air and Naval Base, which fronts onto the MTK Ship Harbor.