Paranoia is not a normal RPG. It is a comedy game, first of all, and a lot of that comedy comes from hose jobs. Things go horribly wrong, many people are out to screw you over, and everything you get from the universe will often have to be seized at gunpoint. At times, you simply die because it will be funny. Expect that you will often fail and sometimes horribly. Indeed, sometimes you're better off failing, because success can make you a target.

That being said, success in Paranoia has a strong luck component, and a strong component of 'Fortune to the bold and the devil take the hindmost'. Being suicidally stupid will get you killed, but so will be being boring. Clever plans are the order of the day, and if they fail...see point one.

When in doubt...grovel. High Clearance citizens like a good ass-kissing, and creative grovelling can open doors that good service may sometimes not. Friend Computer loves you, the way a mother who rules her children even from the grave loves them.

Patrons are key to survival. Your secret society is one source of patronage and help. But if you have a higher clearance buddy, they can get you out of all sorts of trouble too.

Bribery is also effective, IF you have the cash. Most clones are starved for cash and goods, and it will motivate people a lot. Just don't get caught.

If you do something treasonous, try to make sure no security cameras are watching you. Just a hint.

A Word of Advice on Executing Traitors

Vigilante Justice = common in Paranoia. One can often get away with simply shooting those of lower clearance for treason, and sometimes those of equal clearance. Still, it is best to build up a body of evidence and get a formal Treason Approval Form stamped by Friend Computer or a higher clearance citizen before you bake any equal clearance traitors.

But what if you find higher clearance traitors? You may, if exceptionally careful, be able to build a water-tight case to get them convicted of treason. But probably, you will have to get a higher clearance citizen to take the evidence and do the job. This is where having patrons comes in handy.

Be wary--Friend Computer may find littering worthy of death one day and a minor annoyance the next.