BRT Sector

Official Sector

BRT Sector is located to the west by southwest of MTK Sector, a fair distance away. BRT Sector is located on Ship Channel #1, but you have to pass through twenty other sectors to travel between MTK and BRT by boat.

BRT sector's outlying regions are flooded, forming a huge lake, used for testing ships and traffic; the Ship Channel flows into and out of this lake. The occupied regions form a roughly wedge-shaped island in the center. Part of the lake actually belongs to IRE Sector, which is centered around a roughly oval island to the west of BRT.

BRT sector is most noted for its boat design and manufacturing, forming one of MTK sector's most bitter rivals in that area.

BRT sector Armed Forces specializes in Naval Operations, and has long been agitating for the opening of more Ship Channels.

BRT is a very ancient sector and prone to overcrowding issues; many clones from BRT have gone forth to settle other sectors:

BRT is on generally friendly terms with those sectors.

However, BRT also has hostile relations with several sectors once administered by it for various reasons, of which the most notable is [IND Sector]?.

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