Computer Mail (C-Mail)

One of the privileges of Red and higher clearance clones is C-Mail. (Infrareds are denied this privilege, after testing showed that it result in Massive, Frequent, Disaster and Massive, Frequent Inconvenience to Higher Clearance Citizens).

All Red and higher clones have their own C-Mail account, stored on special servers of Friend Computer. You may access and send C-Mail from any Computer Terminal, by simply using your Clone ID and Password to access the simple, easy to use program. The Higher Clearance you are, the more space you are allowed on the server to store old C-Mails.

WARNING: If your account fills up and remains full for more than one Daycycle, you will be fined daily until you clear out your mailbox! You will recieve notice of your overdue status via C-Mail.

Checking your C-Mail regularly is important, not only to avoid fines, but also to recieve important messages from superiors, high-clearance clones, repairmen, team members, co-workers, and service groups.

You may send C-Mail to anyone you like; however, spamming high-clearance (Blue and above) citizens is Treason, and in some cases, it may be treason to spam middle clearance citizens (Yellow and Green) as well.