Central Processing Unit

Leader -- Sector Coordinator Kafka-U-MTK-8

Short Bio:

Decanted 47 years ago, he was created in MTK sector. He was considered at the time a very normal clone. At the age of 18, he graduated and was assigned to Infrared Paper Toting Squad #456. At the age of 28, he was promoted to Red Clearance on the death of his supervisor in the MTK Sector Papercut Massacre. At the age of 38, he was promoted to Orance Clearance after his supervisor was terminated by Troubleshooter Squad #453-B due to Deleted for Security Reasons.
Deleted for Security Reasons
Deleted for Security Reasons
There was a major disaster, due to the release Deleted for Security Reasons during Deleted for Security Reasons and Deleted for Security Reasons.
Two years ago, he was promoted to Ultraviolet Clearance after the death of Deleted for Security Reasons at the hands of Deleted for Security Reasons.
Six Months ago, during an inspection visit to Reactor MTK-8, Kafka-U-MTK-6 was slain in a Deleted for Security Reasons.
Rumor has it that his later clones have been badly mutated, and that he has not been seen in public since the death of his sixth clone.



MTK Sector CPU is especially skillful at money laundering handling and financing because MTK sector is 'wealthy' as sectors go.

Special Projects

PROJECT VENDING RATIONALIZATION: MTK Sector CPU has concluded that the distribution of Vending Machines in MTK sector is completely random, and is working on creating a plan which will distribute Vending Machines according to need, while keeping them all stocked on a regular basis. Rumors that this will require the conquest of two sectors and their conversion into slave labor camps to provide enough goods to keep the machines full are treason.


CPU CORE (Sector HQ) is located in the very center of MTK sector for the convenience of all citizens. Sector Coordinator Kafka-U-MTK-8 lives in the upper flowers of the great nine-sided office building, with his major Violets dwelling directly beneath him for ease of communications. So he can eat them when angered.

Transtube MTK Prime has CPU Station in the subterranean levels of the tower. Rumors that feral paperwork devours citizens who stay too long below the tower are treason.