Chain of Command

Everyone in Bubblegum Complex is part of a Chain of Command. Everyone has a supervisor and possibly one or more subordinates. While you must obey any higher clearance citizen, you must especially obey those in your Chain of Command. Their orders take precedence over those of any citizen of equal or lower clearance than them.

Most offices have certain standing orders, such as 'Don't give out Form IS-345-UYT-78 to Blue Citizens, even if they order you to'. These orders, in theory, override any contradictory ones. (Such orders must be certified and registered to have full authority, utilizing the Standing Order Certification Process Initiation Form (CPU-3-QWE-9435) to set in motion a Standing Order Certification Committee meeting which will produce a Standing Order Voucher (CPU-3-QWE-9456). The Standing Order Voucher must be correctly filed in the relevant offices--CPU Standing Order Storage, CPU Standing Order Conflict Resolution Office, and the Office to which the Standing Order applies. Some Service Groups may require a copy for their own records.)

In practice, it may be necessary for all involved to fill out a Contradictory Order Contradiction Reduction to Simplicity Form (CPU-78-COC-23), then submit it to the Contradictory Order Resolution Office to have the problem settled.

When in doubt, send people up your Chain of Command, so they can find whoever has enough authority to tell you what to do. But don't do so frivously, or you may be fined for Wasting the Time of Higher Clearance Citizens.

Example of Chain of Command:


Transbot V Operator Bun-G-EEE-3 has determined that six Transbot Vs will need to be replaced. He reports this to PLC Transbot V Fleet Supervisor Cat-B-OMB-2, who determines that this year's budget is inadequate to pay for production of that many extra Transbots. He decides to get an increase of the budget for Transbot V production.

He contacts the CPU Sub-Office of PLC Transbot V Budgeting's Head, Quirk-Y-GUY-7. Cat-B-OMB-2 then orders Quirk-Y-GUY-7 to increase his budget. Normally, Quirk-Y-GUY-7 would have to obey. However...

Rudmann-V-GRM-4, Secretary of the Bureau of the Budget, has issued a standing order that no CPU personel under his command are to accept orders with regard to budgets, budgetary procedures, budgetary forms, etc, without his authorization. He has done this in order to prevent PLC increasing its budget at will.

Violet outranks Blue, therefore, Quirk-Y-GUY-7 can tell Cat-B-OMB-2 to shove off.

Cat-B-OMB-2, goes home and sends a complaint up his chain of command. Quincy-U-PMP-8 gets it and comes by and orders Quirk-Y-GUY-7 to cough up the budget or else. But now Kafka-U-MTK-8 gets wind of this, and files an official Jurisdiction Violation Punishment Request Form (CPU-34-JVP-78) and orders Quirk-Y-GUY-7 to tell Quincy-U to shove off.

All is well, as only Friend Computer could override Kafka-U and tell Quirk-Y-GUY-7 to immediately increase the Transbot V budget.

Sadly, three days later, Quirk-Y-GUY-7 is slain in a tragic Chapstick Cap Nuclear Explosion Accident. But he has done his duty and followed procedures, so let's salute him and hope his clone successor will serve as well.

Just remember, when in doubt, obey the higher clearance citizen, then report his possible treason to your supervisor.