Foods of Bubblegum Complex

Bubblegum Complex Food Programs are based on decades of nutritional analysis. Each food item is designed to contain two or more elements of the fundamental food groups:

Typical Foods

Algae Chips

Algae Chips are sold in 2 ounce, 10 ounce, 1 pound, 2 pound, 10 pound, and 100 pound bags for your convenience. These salty chips contain your daily recommended allowance of salt, potassium, zinc chloride, manganese, and cyanide.

Normally Infrared Clearance, Red citizens may buy our special French Onion Algae Chips, which add the taste of Onions and Frenchmen to make a great taste EVEN BETTER! Of course, higher clearance citizens can buy it too.

Bouncy Bubble Beverage

Bouncy Bubble Beverage is a bubbly drink favored by clones everywhere. It comes in many flavors, graded by security clearance:

Cold Fun

Cold Fun is normally sold in 8 and 16 ounce cups with an attached spoon, sealed in plastic. Cold Fun is rather similar to the Old Reckoning treats known as 'Ice Cream' and 'Yoghurt', and comes in dozens of flavors, even for low clearance citizens.

Daring Pepsid Drink

Daring Pepsid Drink is an innovative new liquid drink which is full of exciting Pepsids! It was originally developed by R&D to serve as a medication to remedy Pepsid Deficiency, but then it was realized that when mixed with lots of sugar, it made a great, refreshing drink!

Like BBB, it is available in many flavors by security clearance.

Happy Fun Tasty Flavored Gum

Sometimes, you just need something to chew for a little while, to make the hunger cravings go away. Well, Happy Fun Tasty Flavored Gum is THERE FOR YOU. It comes carefully impregnated with nearly 2 dozen drugs which will still your hunger, remove cravings for nicotine, Deleted for Security Reasons, Deleted for Security Reasons, help you to lose unneed biomass, destroy your enemies, and let you listen to the lamentation of their funbots. Also, it is tasty.

Now Available in:

Hot Fun

Hot Fun is normally sold in 8 and 16 ounce cups with an attached spoon, sealed in plastic. Hot Fun comes in dozens of flavors, and is reminiscent of Pudding. It must be eaten quickly after being vended, or it tends to become Tepid Fun.

Pleasant Meat Surprise

Pleasant Meat Surprise is made using several of the many lines of tissue-cultivated meat which complement the diet of clones. These meats are ground up and then inserted into an edible 'skin', which is tied off at the ends. Quick-roasted by expert Red clearance chefs, each link is then carefully packaged by expert Infrareds, and shipped to Red Cafeterias everywhere. The mix is a little different in every Pleasant Meat Surprise, so you never know what you're going to get!


Slurry is one of R&D's exciting innovations. It is a mixture of Deleted for Security Reasons, Deleted for Security Reasons, Soylent Infrared, Deleted for Security Reasons, some more Deleted for Security Reasons, and Insane Clown Posse Salt. Other additives are inserted and it is processed differently in order to produce the three main lines of Slurry Products:


In ancient times, wild herds of Spam roamed the great plains, it is said, hunted by our distant, primitive ancestors. Today, SPAM is cloned in distinct breeding lines from primal tissue samples, using technology similar to that which makes Junior Citizens. Periodically, great blocks of Spam are harvested from these ever-growing SPAM Farms. Spam forms the primary meat component of most Infrared to Orange clearance foods, if they have meat at all. Even higher clearance citizens often enjoy feasting on Spam from the more refined tissue lines.

Similar technology is used to grow and harvest other lines of meat product as well, some of which are listed on this page.

Tangy Apple Surprise

Tangy Apple Surprise is a carbonated drink with a strong apple flavor, and 30% less cyanide. It is YELLOW clearance.

Tasty Baby Delight

Tasty Baby Delight has been carefully designed by R&D Necessities to be exactly what a baby citizen needs to grow up healthy and strong. Many adult citizens continue to enjoy TBD because of its sweet taste with just a hint of Lemon. Because of the Lemon Content, it is Yellow Clearance for adult citizens.

Tasty Baby Delight is not made from junior citizens! Rumors are treason! You are not eating a baby every time you open a package! For one thing, you could get a lot more than one container from a baby. And for another thing, IT IS NOT MADE OUT OF BABIES!

Tasty Baby Delight comes in 10 gallon vats, in 12 ounce cans, and in 8 ounce Hot Fun style cups with spoon.